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Working Together Like Clockwork

Foresite security solutions provide comprehensive managed security for your critical IT infrastructure. All of Foresite’s solutions are the product of industry veterans who are responsible for building some of today’s leading worldwide delivery platforms. Services are built to meet the needs of clients and include managed firewall, intrusion detection, vulnerability scanning, and endpoint management services. Further ensure your business’ data is secure from the latest security threats with Foresite integration in ConnectWise Manage.

Foresite & ConnectWise Manage

Foresite and ConnectWise Manage work seamlessly to bring managed and monitored security services to your business, including:

  • 24/7 real-time monitoring, alerting, and analysis by certified security analysts
  • Integrated business intelligence and analytics to make better business decisions
  • Asset classification and reporting
  • Threat intelligence
  • Flexible and customizable reporting
  • Easy integration with existing workflow products
  • Pre-built security and compliance reports

Why Foresite?

Foresite provides easy-to-use, cost-effective managed security services that free up resources, so you can focus on the core of your business. Using the latest in threat intelligence technology, Foresite’s flexible, agile infrastructure puts business intelligence at your fingertips. Foresite solutions are advanced enough to meet today’s needs, powerful enough to be ready for tomorrow. Gain a discernable, competitive edge in a rapidly growing, multi-billion dollar industry with Foresite.

Key Facts

Outsourced monitoring and management of security infrastructure and systems

24/7 high-availability security operation centers

Custom security policies with Foresite’s Threat Intelligence solution

Full and co-managed security solutions include minor upgrades, log monitoring, and threat response

Incident response services designed for comprehensive threat mitigation

Managed Security to Fit Your Budget

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