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Cylance: Continuous Threat Prevention Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Working Together like Clockwork

Cylance uses artificial intelligence to deliver prevention-first, predictive security products and specialized security services that change how organizations approach endpoint security. Full spectrum predictive threat prevention and visibility across the enterprise allows you to combat threats such as malware, ransomware, fileless malware, malicious scripts, weaponized docs, and other attack vectors. With AI-based malware prevention, application and script control, memory protection, device policy enforcement, root cause analysis, threat hunting, automated threat detection and response, coupled with expert security services, Cylance can reduce the number of agents on the customers endpoint and increase protection.

Cylance & ConnectWise Automate®

Cylance works from inside ConnectWise Automate to allow simple enable/disable deployment on an entire client, location, or computer without requiring a reboot. Filter threats by a long list of parameters including Quarantined and Unique to Cylance, and deploy and managed Cylance from the cloud.

  • Each client requires tenant-level API credentials to collect data
  • An audit log is created any time a file is added or removed on global threat or safe lists
  • Auto-deploy allows Cylance agent deployment on an entire client, location, or device
  • Auto-deploy Cylance on any machines not installed
  • Create a new ticket every time a new threat is detected
  • Assign policies to individual computers
  • Access, search, choose, sort, filter, and group within data grids on all pages

Why Cylance?

Cylance uses cloud trained machine learning models that are then deployed on-device to detect and prevent malicious executable files from running in milliseconds, pre-execution, without the use of signatures, cloud look-ups, or sand-boxing. Cylance offers the only pure autonomous AI security solution enabling each endpoint to be protected around the clock from unknown malware.

Key Facts

Recognized and prevented threats that would not appear in real life for up to two years and nine months

Prevented 3,918 attacks per enterprise in the year 2017, representing an increase of nearly 13.4% over last year

Prevents 99% of malware before it can execute

Redefines endpoint security using artificial intelligence and machine learning

Simple to deploy and manage, intuitive cloud-based management

Lightweight agent uses only 1-3% of PC processing power

“I had used the same AV for years. We relied on signature updates scheduled to occur overnight to keep pace with those released the day before. I always felt like our endpoint protection was a day behind. That changed with Cylance.”

— Greg Starstrom, Director Network Services, AETEA

AI and Signatureless Software: The Perfect Endpoint Protection Software Combo

Understanding endpoint security has never been more critical as the pace and severity of ever-evolving cyber threats continue to grow. This episode of ConnectWise’s Exploring the Ecosystem podcast features a conversation between Rob Collins, a sales engineer for Cylance, and Blake Gallagher, a solution strategist at ConnectWise, who discuss why many legacy endpoint protection (EPP) software solutions are less effective and more likely to bog down an MSP’s clients’ systems. They’ll also chat about next-generation EPP solutions that integrate AI to provide the ability to predict and prevent, rather than reactively detect, malicious cyberattacks long before they cause damage to devices, networks, and reputations.

Rob Collins, Sales Engineer at Cylance & Blake Gallagher, Solution Strategist at ConnectWise


Increased Security Through Machine Learning

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