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Working Together Like Clockwork

CentreStack is focused on providing a flexible managed access platform for managed service providers (MSPs). With so many tools and services, managing access can be difficult. CentreStack makes it easy with a simple, consistent user experience with centralized control of access permissions, security, and compliance policies. Better manage all client file access with CentreStack integration in ConnectWise Manage® and ConnectWise Automate®.

CentreStack & ConnectWise Manage

Integrating CentreStack with ConnectWise Manage gives you complete control of client file access and easy billing.

  • Instant previews of selected document
  • Edit documents in ConnectWise Manage using desktop or web applications
  • Enable file sync and share for each of your customers in minutes
  • Use billing and agreements to generate monthly invoices

CentreStack & ConnectWise Automate

Integrating CentreStack with ConnectWise Automate makes file sync and share provisioning easy with the power of automation.

  • Automated provisioning of file sync and share for ConnectWise Automate clients
  • Manage user and storage provisioning

What Makes Our Partnership Unique

Why CentreStack?

CentreStack makes managed access for MSPs easy. CentreStack’s cloud-based file server gives providers the flexibility to give their clients remote access to on-premise files or help migrate them to the cloud. No matter the need, CentreStack presents an easy-to-use unification of file server security and cloud mobility without the need for end-user training. It’s clear to see why CentreStack is the choice for managed access.

Key Facts

Remote access to file shares without cloud replication

Native support for NTFS and AD with granular, folder level permissions

Native cloud drives work exactly like traditional drives

Automatic file locking plus check-in/check-out and versioning

Ability to consistently manage access regardless of data location, endpoint location, or device type

Smart, on-demand synchronization

“We struggled like most technology providers to find a solution to the old ways of sharing files. For too long, products would come along that basically all did the same thing. Make copies of files to each user’s PC and try to keep them all in sync. CentreStack was different. CentreStack took the capabilities of a traditional on-premise file server but allowed us to turn it to the cloud. Not only did we find that we could simplify the problem of files, but we could add a plethora of features for the client to better manage, secure, and interact with that content. No other solution has come close.”

Stephen Monk, CEO, Noverus Innovations, Inc

Centralize Your Access Controls

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