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disaster recovery

Disaster Readiness & Recovery

Prepared & Protected

ConnectWise Can Help You Weather the Storm

As technology solution professionals, the threat of disaster – whether natural or man-made – is always top of mind, and tech companies understand that a solid plan for protection is key to business survival. Still, few of us were completely prepared for the unprecedented devastation brought on by the weather-related disasters of 2017, particularly the catastrophic Atlantic hurricane season.

Our partners in the paths of those record-breaking storms were faced with the overwhelming responsibility of protecting more than equipment and data. Livelihoods – and lives – were at stake. We’ve been inspired by the stories of courage and resilience, and the spirit of our IT community coming together with a helping hand in the aftermath.

Headquartered in Tampa and expecting a hard hit from Hurricane Irma, ConnectWise experienced firsthand the vulnerability of impending disaster. While we’re happy to say our strategic disaster plan was executed with successful results, we learned lessons and gained insight that we’d like to share.

Prepared & Protected: Your Guide to Weather the Storm

Our free guide has been created with the unique needs of technology businesses in mind, and includes disaster readiness checklists based on industry expertise and experience.

Be Prepared with the Best in Backup and Disaster Recovery

The ConnectWise Marketplace offers a tightly-integrated ecosystem of industry-leading business continuity and network infrastructure products. Our team of experts is here to help you evaluate your needs and connect you with the right solutions for your business.

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