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Leverage a single tech or a fully staffed team with ConnectWise Assist

Client demands—especially related to network and application security—are on the rise. If your team can’t keep up or is void of specific skills, we can help. ConnectWise Assist offers dedicated technical resources, from individual techs to a fully staffed IT Help Desk, enabling you to grow and wow your customers.

Explore the expert services of ConnectWise Assist

ConnectWise Assist Help Desk

Get support chats, emails and calls resolved faster with our 24/7/365 white-label IT Help Desk services. ConnectWise Assist Help Desk works on your behalf to route and directly respond to client tickets in record time. With a CSAT score of 4.75 (out of 5), our techs help you shorten resolution times, respond to clients faster, and keep your customers satisfied.

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ConnectWise Assist Dedicated Tech

It can be a full-time job to find the right technical staff. Allow us to take the pressure of hiring full-time technicians off your back. ConnectWise Assist Dedicated Techs learn the ins and outs of your business, offer time and technical skills to solve problems your in-house team can’t, and add significant value to your services.

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ConnectWise Assist Tech Advantage

Don’t overload your techs. Instead, keep them focused on existing high-value projects. ConnectWise Tech Advantage services offer resources to work on ad-hoc projects any time morning, noon, nights, and weekends to keep your team focused—and their sanity intact.

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What can ConnectWise Assist do for your TSP?

Expand capabilities

ConnectWise Assist gives you the expert support and guidance you need to deliver value to your clients without the massive technology and resource investment required to recruit, build and maintain your own Help Desk teams in-house.

Boost profits & client satisfaction

With added capabilities and skills from ConnectWise Assist, you’ll be able to provide better, faster support to maximize client satisfaction and drive results for both you and your clients’ businesses. Keep costs low to boost profits and get on the path to sustainable business growth.

Secure new competencies

The talent and skills gap in IT continues to grow – especially as it relates to securing networks, and the users, apps and data within. ConnectWise Assist offers experienced IT staffing resources to tackle any challenges that arise. Never worry about recruiting, training and retaining IT talent again as you grow your business.

Always learning

Our ConnectWise Assist Techs attend intense monthly technical trainings to stay current on the latest software, tips, tricks, threats, and industry trends. No matter what your clients face, you’ll be ready to respond.

Embrace scale

These days, budget setbacks and strained resources are the norm, making it difficult to staff for growth. ConnectWise Assist allows you to expand your services, take on more clients, and add more services without the hassle and cost of recruiting, training and retaining hotshot techs.

Why ConnectWise Assist?

The industry’s only software-integrated service delivery model
Always-on support and troubleshooting
Offload repetitive daily tasks to free your techs for high-value work
Unique expertise for special projects
Proactively resolve 90% of IT issues
Continuous alerting, ticketing filtering, and consolidation

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