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ConnectWise Sell Sales Workflow Automation

Don't miss a step in your sales process

ConnectWise Sell helps guide your sales team to success by identifying a sequence of key sales events along with optimal delivery timeframes. We call this roadmap to the win your success list, and it means no critical step is left behind across your entire sales organization. These steps are time and date stamped, and documented in your CRM for a complete picture of how the sale was won.

Explore the sales workflow automation features of ConnectWise Sell

Success list

Improve sales productivity and accountability by identifying key tasks and activities, including what’s expected and when. With ConnectWise Sell Sales Workflow Automation, you’ll benefit from automated notifications, tracking, and full visibility for each team member throughout the process.

Approval workflows

There’s no need to delay closing deals. With ConnectWise Sell Sales Workflow Automation, you’ll be able to get a quicker response from your clients by allowing them to review, give feedback, and approve a quote or proposal from any browser-enabled device—regardless of their location.

Multi-level approvals

The saying “always measure twice” also applies to quoting your customers. ConnectWise Sell Sales Workflow Automation can enforce multi-level approvals to ensure you’re not throwing away margin—or worse yet—a good client relationship.

eSignatures and payments

Make it simple for clients to say yes with an eSignature on contractual documents that can easily be routed to any system of record. ConnectWise Sell Sales Workflow Automation dramatically accelerates invoicing and order fulfillment with automatic payment collection and recurring payment setup.

Quote to order

Minimize the manual steps between quote generation, the order process, and revenue collection with ConnectWise Sell automation. ConnectWise Sell re-routes tasks for greater efficiency and eliminates data re-entry. Even a one-day reduction in the sales cycle can add a considerable boost to your bottom line.

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Discover the key to an efficient sales team

See how ConnectWise Sell keeps your sales team on track close deals and grow your business.

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“The integration of ConnectWise Sell into our CRM has really paved the way for us to automate a lot of our workflows and processes. That has cleaned up a lot of the information in our system and keeps us on track with every step of the pipeline.”

Jessica Hoover, Procurement Manager, My Sherpa

Explore more features of ConnectWise Sell

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Quotes & proposals

Prepare and deliver professional quotes using customizable templates, populate product and price information from top distributors, and publish online via an interactive portal for client feedback.

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Product sourcing

ConnectWise Sell puts product pricing and availability at your fingertips with distributor catalog feeds, including images, tunable descriptions, and detailed parametric data.

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Sales reporting

Gain deeper insight into your quoting data, using ConnectWise Sell Business Intelligence to transform the way you analyze and use the company stats collected.

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