2020 Q2 ConnectWise product update

| By: Jeff Bishop

2020 marches on, and although this year has been a challenging one so far, we at ConnectWise always try to look on the bright side. That’s why we’re so excited to bring you our second update of the year—designed to make your work-life easier, more secure, and more profitable.

Read on to learn more about the latest updates to ConnectWise products.

Saving you money by saving you time

Time is money. So, in an effort to speed up your cash flow, we’re making a few improvements to ConnectWise Manage®. These new product enhancements allow you to spend less time tracking resources down and resolving payment disputes, and more time working on actual tickets. Here’s what you need to know:

The updated ConnectWise Customer Portal will help you get paid faster. Soon, you’ll enjoy new, simplified invoicing that provides greater clarity for your customers, reduces billing disputes, and speeds up the accounts receivable (AR) process.

In an effort to get your invoice out faster, we’re also giving you the ability to create an invoice directly from an agreement—without leaving the screen.

From now on, service alerts in ConnectWise Manage will contain more contextual information. This means you’ll have the info you need to respond quickly and appropriately, without having to spend valuable time searching for more details.

Plus, you can now attach a configuration to a workflow, using any trigger you choose (tickets in a certain status, clients, etc.). This way, your team gets all the information they need to start working on a ticket immediately.

On a related note, to make collecting payments easier, we’ve also updated ConnectWise Sell® to integrate with ConnectBooster®. Now your customers can store their payment information in ConnectBooster for future transactions, giving you an additional option for collecting payment.

Work wherever, whenever

2020 has been the year of remote work, and we’re supporting both your remote and on-site workforces with several updates to ConnectWise Automate®. In our quest to create a browser experience both techs and admins can take full advantage of, we’ve rolled out additional screens that include User Management and Script Schedules. Be sure to check out the release notes for a full list of these updates.

To improve ease of access, we’ve also added single sign-on (SSO) to the desktop version of ConnectWise Automate. Now you can sync your login info with your ConnectWise SSO account and access the application instantly.

In ConnectWise Sell, we’re adding Multi-Level Approvals to give you more control over margins and client relationships. Soon, you’ll have the ability to lay down advanced rules and require signoffs from stakeholders before your team delivers pricing info to customers. This should help minimize excessive discounting and improper scoping, even if your team is working remotely.

Remember, our expert services and consulting teams are available to support and augment your technology solution provider (TSP) team at any time. With ConnectWise Assist™ , formerly a Continuum solution, we provide help desk and dedicated techs to act as part of your workforce to support the growing demands of your company. Our expert services make it easy for you to quickly hire talent, close the skills gap, and scale your services without making a costly investment in either time or finances.

Convenience is key

Let’s talk about making things easier for you. We know there are some features you use more often than others—so we’re making these features more accessible. For example, in ConnectWise Control®, the Toolbox is now one click away.

Not only is the updated ConnectWise Control more convenient for you, it’s also more convenient for your customers. Now, you can ask your customer to enter guest credentials in advance so a technician can access the machine when it’s locked. Say goodbye to interrupting your customers’ vacations or waking them up in the middle of the night. Trust us, they’ll thank you.

Some of your customers want more insight into their risk. Now, you can use the updated ConnectWise Identify® to provide both a Comprehensive Risk Assessment and the current Essentials Assessment. We’ve given you the ability to deep-dive on each of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework functions and controls, with a much larger question set than before.

Fully managed security without staffing

As security threats multiply, we’ll keep making updates to protect you and your customers’ data. Now, we’re rolling out ConnectWise Fortify™ SaaS: a new 24/7 managed threat detection and response solution for Microsoft SaaS Cloud.

Built to safeguard your customers against business email compromise attacks, ConnectWise Fortify, formerly a Continuum solution, and our 24/7 SOC actively monitors your Microsoft® 365, Azure AD, and One Drive accounts, investigating anomalous behavior and incidents. Enjoy all the benefits of fully managed security—without hiring any security staff.

Making BrightGauge a better experience

User experience is everything, and at BrightGauge®, a ConnectWise Solution, we continue to improve the look and feel of our product, making it easier and more enjoyable for you to use. Recent adjustments include expanded filtering and sorting options. Administrators can now enable dashboard filtering for viewers, letting them toggle filters on or off and exclude filters from dashboard gauges. We’ve also added bug fixes and improved the program’s overall performance.

ITBoost updates

ITBoost®, a ConnectWise solution, officially became a part of the ConnectWise family in September 2019. Soon, we’ll be releasing V4 with some exciting new features.

In the new V4 Global Dashboard, you’ll be able to resize widgets for increased or decreased focus and improved data visibility. In V4, we’ve also fixed various bugs and made the system more responsive, allowing you to accomplish tasks more quickly.

Announcing IT Nation Secure

Last but certainly not least, we’re thrilled to announce IT Nation Secure: the newest offering from the IT Nation. IT Nation Secure is designed to help TSPs learn about and increase cybersecurity while sharing information, engaging with other TSPs, and building their business. We can’t wait for you to check it out.