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Your Cybersecurity Journey Starts Now

It's the same first step every security expert takes, so you're in good company. You understand that cybersecurity is important, and you want to adapt it to your MSP, but you don't know how to get started. Your current security offerings are basic if you're offering any services at all. Clients already expect security to be part of their contracts, so you're not making any additional revenue while taking on all the risk.

What You Need on Your Journey

Every successful trek toward cybersecurity expertise needs a foundation of fundamental security know-how
Gain a basic understanding of cybersecurity frameworks and their role in building a security program for your clients
View cybersecurity in the context of the threats your SMB customers face
Listen to and understand the expectations and needs SMBs have around cybersecurity
Understand why and how to have conversations with your clients about vulnerability and risk

ConnectWise Cybersecurity Resources

ConnectWise Fortify

It takes advanced tools to fight advanced threats. ConnectWise Fortify™, formerly a Continuum solution, covers key aspects of cybersecurity that are important to SMBs with the backing of a fully staffed SOC ready to stop attacks at a moment’s notice.

  • ConnectWise Fortify Assessment: Pinpoint and uncover security weak spots, including dark web exposure, user risk, endpoint health, and more
  • ConnectWise Fortify Endpoint: 24/7/365 endpoint monitoring by our fully staffed SOC to detect, mitigate, and remediate threats
  • ConnectWise Fortify SaaS: Protect customers from abnormal user behavior across cloud-based apps like Microsoft 365® and Azure® AD
  • ConnectWise Fortify Protection: Scan networks and environments for risks and vulnerabilities to create and deliver your security strategies
  • ConnectWise Fortify Network: Ensure clients meet regulatory requirements with flexible and scalable network security

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