Cybersecurity MSP+ Foundation Pack

Cybersecurity that instills confidence - for only $600 a month!

Differentiate with cybersecurity now

With today’s uncertainty, you can no longer rely on new client acquisition as your primary growth path. Small businesses are scrutinizing every contract, looking at all angles to reduce costs and control cash flow. One thing they can’t ignore now is cybersecurity. How confident are you that your security offering would compare favorably to another MSP? Now’s the time to establish a strong security offering and the mechanisms to deliver on it. That’s why we developed the ConnectWise MSP+ Foundation Pack—a low-cost starter kit to help you implement an advanced security offering fast.

High-value, low-cost, robust bundle

The ConnectWise MSP+ Foundation Pack provides you with the tools, services, and training you need to implement advanced cybersecurity and offer clients peace of mind today while setting them up to scale for the future. For $600 a month (available for six months), the MSP+ Foundation Pack includes:

  • 24/7 managed detection (up to 400 endpoints)
    • ConnectWise Fortify for Endpoint enterprise-class endpoint detection and response
    • ConnectWise Fortify for SaaS threat detection and response for Microsoft® 365 and Azure AD
  • Security assessment tools
    • ConnectWise Fortify for Assessment includes dark web scanning and monitoring
    • ConnectWise Identify NIST cybersecurity framework risk assessments
  • NFR licenses to the full ConnectWise Fortify Suite for proof of concepts
  • ConnectWise cybersecurity training and resources
    • Comprehensive security go-to-market playbook
    • ConnectWise Certify™ security training for two people
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“ConnectWise Fortify has been very important during the COVID crisis. Cybersecurity threats have increased at a time when people don’t have time to pay attention. ConnectWise Fortify gives us an additional layer of protection and awareness of what’s going on in our client’s network.”

Peter Melby, CEO, Greystone Technology

Put your cybersecurity on solid ground

Get a jump on advanced security for your clients - and yourself