ConnectWise messaging

Below is approved messaging to use when talking about ConnectWise, including our history, mission statement, corporate boilerplates, and company tagline.


Powering Your Vision of Success

The ConnectWise mission

To empower Technology Solution Providers to realize their vision of success.

Key guidelines

1. ConnectWise will identify and solve TSPs’ biggest pain points and challenges.

2. We will lead the way through innovation and by providing a transformational partnership with TSPs.

3. The ConnectWise Platform, our Services and Solutions, Ecosystem, and immersive Community will make our partners more productive and efficient.

4. We will help make our partners more profitable and set them up for both personal and professional success.


ConnectWise empowers Technology Solution Providers to achieve their vision of success with intelligent software, expert services, an immersive IT community, and a vast ecosystem of integrations.

ConnectWise is an IT software company empowering Technology Solution Providers to achieve their vision of success in their As-a-Service business with intelligent software, expert services, an immersive IT community, and a vast ecosystem of integrations. The unmatched flexibility of the ConnectWise platform fuels profitable, long-term growth for our Partners. Visit

ConnectWise is an IT software company empowering Technology Solution Providers to achieve their vision of success in their As-a-Service business with intelligent software, expert services, an immersive IT community, and a vast ecosystem of integrations. The unmatched flexibility of the ConnectWise platform fuels profitable, long-term growth for our Partners. With an innovative, integrated, and security-centric platform, ConnectWise enables TSPs to drive business efficiency with business automation, IT documentation, and data management capabilities, and increase revenue using remote monitoring, security, and backup disaster recovery technologies. Visit

Value proposition

As the market leader, ConnectWise provides technology solution providers with the only transformational partnership to support their business success, as evidenced by 67% of the MSP501 on the ConnectWise platform.

Our history

ConnectWise originated as a technology solution provider and, over 38 years in business, grew into the longest-running, market-leading software platform for technology solution providers. The IT Nation is the global community of peers, made up of leading technology solution provider owners, industry thought leaders, and IT professionals dedicated to helping each other remain accountable to their personal and professional growth. In 2019, we joined the Thoma Bravo portfolio, an investment firm with over 40 years of experience working with software infrastructure companies, and acquired Continuum—the only platform that combined tools and tech with expert services to help technology solution providers see, protect, and proactively manage the health of their customers' systems.

ConnectWise copywriting style

At ConnectWise, our messaging and writing style is approachable, relatable, and conversational. We’re a bunch of tech-loving, laid back, slightly nerdy people talking to other tech-loving, laid back, slightly nerdy people, and our copy should reflect that. Our copy should be active and positive. Don’t be afraid to throw in slang or pop culture references to make it more relatable.

ConnectWise is…

Techy, but not overly technical.

Confident, but not cocky.

Funny, but not snarky.

Casual, but professional when needed.

Nerdy, but not wacky.

Now for the boring part, the rules. ConnectWise follows The AP Stylebook for grammar and usage with a little mix of our internal style sheet. Below are common rules and guidelines to follow when writing for ConnectWise.

Abbreviations and acronyms

Abbreviations and acronyms are our friends. They make copy easier to read and write. If there’s a chance a reader won’t recognize an abbreviation, spell it out on the first mention, put the abbreviation in parentheses, and use the abbreviation throughout the rest of the copy.

First use: Network Operations Center | Second use: NOC

First use: Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) | Second use: UTC


In most instances, an ampersand (&) shouldn't be used to replace the word 'and'. Ampersands should ONLY be used when part of a company or brand name, or is space is limited, and even then it should be used sparingly. Never use ampersands in body copy. Believe us, we’ll notice.


Sentence case vs title case

Sentence case

All headlines, CTAs, email subject lines, and social image copy should be written in sentence case. This means only proper nouns, product names, job titles, and asset titles (see below) will be capitalized.

Title case

All asset titles should be written in title case. These include eBooks, webinars, and podcast episodes. An easy rule, if the asset can live behind a form, the title will use title casing.

Finally, if there’s any doubt, opt for lowercase.


We love the Oxford comma (Sorry Vampire Weekend). When writing lists, use the Oxford comma except when an ampersand replaces the final ‘and.’


Contractions are fine and are a great way to establish the conversational, relatable tone we try to achieve. But avoid them when writing for our international audiences.

Dashes and hyphens

Use an em dash (—) without spaces on either side to offset an aside. Use a true em dash, not a hyphen (- or --).

When to use hyphens:

Use a hyphen for modifiers, like third-party products, except when the modifier ends in -ly. Examples of common, hyphenated words:

anti-malware | Software-as-a-Service | Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service | as-a-service

When not to use hyphens:

Don’t use hyphens to separate a date and location for event logistics (example: Nov. 11-13 – Orlando, FL). Use ‘|’ for event logistics (example: Nov. 11-13 | Orlando, FL).


All URLs should be written in CamelCase ( and should not include ‘http://www.’

Date and time

Do not use superscripts on dates.

No 'th's. (January 27, 2020)

Don't put a space between days when referring to a multiple-day event. (Nov. 11-13, 2020)

Use lowercase 'am' and 'pm' with no space between numbers and letters. (12:00pm, 1:30pm)

When time zones are used after time is noted, use capitalized abbreviations. (EST, AEST, BST)

NA format: Month Day (January 1)

UK/ANZ format: Day Month (1 January)

Phone numbers

For North America, separate the area number groupings with periods.

North America: 813.463.4700

For international, separate number groupings with spaces.

Australia & New Zealand: +61 1800 571 949

United Kingdom: +44 (0)203 817 6900

ConnectWise lexicon

How we talk about our products, platform, solutions, vendors, and more.

ConnectWise, LLC.

As the market leader with the most flexible platform, ConnectWise provides technology solution providers with the only transformational partnership to support their business success. ConnectWise, LLC. is the legally registered name of the company.

ConnectWise platform

The ConnectWise platform consists of intelligent software, expert services, an immersive IT community, and a vast ecosystem of integrations. The unmatched flexibility of the ConnectWise platform fuels profitable, long-term growth for our Partners. With an innovative, integrated, and security-centric platform, ConnectWise enables TSPs to drive business efficiency with business automation, IT documentation, and data management capabilities. And increase revenue using remote monitoring, security, and backup disaster recovery technologies.

Components of the ConnectWise platform

Intelligent Software

ConnectWise software is broken up into three categories.

Business Management:
ConnectWise Manage, ConnectWise Sell, BrightGauge, ITBoost

Unified Management:
ConnectWise Automate, ConnectWise Command, ConnectWise Control, ConnectWise Recover

Security Management:
ConnectWise Identify, ConnectWise Fortify

Expert Services

ConnectWise Expert Services allow TSPs to highly trained techs and fully staffed support teams to fill in support gaps and bring on staff without the need to find, hire, train, and retain top IT talent.

ConnectWise Assist:
Dedicated Tech, Tech Advantage, Help Desk

Part of ConnectWise Command

Part of ConnectWise Fortify

Service delivery models:
ConnectWise Expert Services allow TSPs to adapt flexible service delivery models to help scale their portfolio and capacity of their service delivery offerings.

A service delivery model that offers partners the highest level of customization and automation to create a service delivery experience that fits their unique needs.

Service delivery using augmented staffing, including NOC, SOC, and help desk services, provides 24/7/365 client support and gives partners the flexibility to grow and scale.

A hybrid service delivery model enables partners to control certain levels and areas of their service delivery while shifting many daily or complex IT services to specialists.

Immersive IT community - The IT Nation

Our immersive IT community provides events, conferences, consulting, and more to give you the education, guidance, and in-depth product training to take you and your business to the next level.

IT Nation Connect:
The premier industry conference delivering unmatched thought leadership and business insight to help take your TSP to new heights.

IT Nation Explore:
Our partner-focused conference filled with in-depth, hands-on product training to turn you into the ConnectWise product expert you’ve always wanted to be.

IT Nation Evolve:
Member-based peer groups offering the chance to see how your TSP stacks up to others just like yours and guide you to professional and personal success.

IT Nation Share:
One-day, regional user groups offering product training and peer-to-peer networking.

IT Nation Secure:
Our educational programs designed to give your TSP everything it needs to successfully deliver security services to your clients.

ConnectWise consulting

Our consulting and technical services teams offer customizable solutions and services to help you get the most out of the ConnectWise products you use every day.

Vast ecosystem of integrations

The ConnectWise Ecosystem is composed of hundreds of solution integrations that create the largest variety of solution options for our Partners and their business needs, including integrations for:


Business continuity

Business operations


IT Management


ConnectWise third-party solutions and our integration network are referred to as the ecosystem. The ConnectWise platform is at the center of this ecosystem, with third-party solutions integrating into each ConnectWise product in various ways. Ecosystem should not be capitalized, except when it begins a sentence. Example: Yes - “The ecosystem that embodies ConnectWise.” No - “The ConnectWise Ecosystem.”


Flexibility refers to the infinite combinations of our solution offerings. Our services offer an elastic labor model, our software provides packages and options in each category, our community creates networking opportunities at all business phases and needs, and our ecosystem is the most robust with over 280+ third-party integrators.


To empower Technology Solution Providers to realize their vision of success.

One-click (Buy, Deploy, Monitor, Manage, Sell, Service, Bill)

There is a lot to do to keep up with today's digital transformation. ConnectWise is ready to empower technology workers to keep up with the massive demand for their services. We'll keep them competitive by delivering one pane of glass to buy, deploy, monitor, service, and bill every offering in their Service Catalog. We'll support their continued success with the solutions and processes they need to get their jobs done quickly and smoothly. Everything will be connected through one-click capability, connecting technology workers into teams, and those teams into companies that deliver outstanding technology services and solutions.


At ConnectWise, our customers are not just customers; they’re partners. Our partnerships mean the world to us, and we invest in resources that will drive the most desirable outcomes for our partners and set them up for success.

Partner experience

The partner experience encompasses every interaction a partner has with ConnectWise. It is everyone’s job to ensure these interactions a partner has with us are respectful, pleasant, and exceed their expectations.

Partner success

Partner success is our dedication to helping partners grow their services and find long-term personal and professional success. This is achieved by continuing to invest in the ConnectWise platform and advancing our products and services.

Partner Success Pyramid

The Partner Success Pyramid is our depiction of ConnectWise’s focus on bringing value to our partners in everything we do and how we help them achieve business transformation.

Service catalog

The unique set of solutions and service combinations offered by a technology solution provider. The TSPs combine their services with solutions from the ConnectWise platform to create their unique service catalog.

The IT Nation

The name of our partner community. The IT Nation is the largest, most engaged community of IT experts, thought leaders, and peers across the industry.


A unified platform brings together product sets to further eliminate operational Silos of Chaos. The unified platform enables partners to improve service delivery, optimize productivity and profitability, and strengthen client relationships.

ConnectWise product names and trademark guidelines

Learn the software and services that make up the ConnectWise Unified Platform, including product names, registration symbols, and product type, as well as trademark guidelines.

ConnectWise software and services

ConnectWise product names, product types, registration symbols, and boilerplates. In copy, ConnectWise stays attached to the product names at all times, even after the first mention. We own the trademark for the entire product name, not the verbs.

Trademarks and taglines

ConnectWise owl blue icon
ConnectWise, LLC.

Powering Your Vision of Success

BrightGauge icon

KPI Dashboards & Reporting Software

ConnectWise Automate icon
ConnectWise Automate®

Remote Monitoring & Management Software

ConnectWise Control icon
ConnectWise Control®

Remote Control & Remote Access Software

ITBoost icon

Centralized IT Documentation Software

ConnectWise Identify icon
ConnectWise Identify®

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Software

connectwise manage icon
ConnectWise Manage®

Professional Services Automation Software

ConnectWise Sell icon
ConnectWise Sell®

Quote & Proposal Automation Software

ConnectWise Assist icon
ConnectWise Assist™

Dedicated Technician & Help Desk Services

ConnectWise Command icon
ConnectWise Command™

Remote Monitoring & Management Software with Proactive Services

Connectwise Recover icon
ConnectWise Recover™

Backup & Disaster Recovery Software

ConenctWise Fortify icon
ConnectWise Fortify™

Managed Cybersecurity Detection & Response Software

perch icon
Perch Security™

Co-Managed Threat Detection & Response by ConnectWise®

Service Leadership Incorporated™

Profit Solutions by ConnectWise®



BrightGauge®, a ConnectWise solution, is the premier business intelligence and KPI management tool for technology solution providers (TSPs) to gain access to data, metrics, and information from multiple data sources in a single location. TSPs can organize data that matters for better business decision making and customize dashboards for real-time data tracking. With BrightGauge, create professional, interactive reports to share with clients and across teams.

ConnectWise Automate

ConnectWise Automate® is the remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution that gives technology solution providers (TSPs) the power of automation to reduce manual technical tasks and increase service delivery capabilities with fewer resources. With a broad range of functionality, including asset discovery, patching, monitoring, management, and scripting, ConnectWise Automate empowers TSPs to move from reactive incident response to proactive issue resolution, leading to lower support costs and more revenue. This functionality lead ConnectWise Automate to be named 2020’s Best Remote Monitoring and Management tool in ChannelPro Magazine’s Reader’s Choice Awards.

ConnectWise Control

ConnectWise Control® remote control and remote access capabilities provide technology solution providers (TSPs) with instant and reliable connectivity to end-user devices. With a unique combination of power, ease of use, and configurability, ConnectWise Control gives technicians the tools to provide faster resolution times to get end users back to work from anywhere. Over 100 third-party extensions and seamless integrations across the ConnectWise platform, ConnectWise Control empowers TSPs and their techs to work efficiently and effectively. Used by more than 20,000 organizations around the world, ConnectWise Control is highly rated with over 92% of reviews giving it four-stars or more on third-party review sites like G2 and TrustRadius.

ConnectWise Identify

ConnectWise Identify® cybersecurity risk assessments, based on the internationally recognized NIST Cybersecurity Framework, provide technology solution providers (TSPs) with affordable and repeatable risk assessments for themselves and their clients. By performing risk assessments with ConnectWise Identify, TSPs can proactively pinpoint vulnerabilities across their client’s business, not just their networks, start having critical cybersecurity conversations, and provide remediation recommendations and services.

ConnectWise Manage

ConnectWise Manage® is the premier professional services automation (PSA) solution developed for technology solution providers (TSPs) to succeed and thrive in the as-a-service world. By connecting all facets of the business and improving communication across teams, ConnectWise Manage empowers TSPs and their staff to eliminate chaos and create transparency across teams to run the business effectively and enhance the customer experience. Maximize resource utilization, create accountability, and more. ConnectWise Manage was named the 2020 Best PSA Platform in ChannelPro Magazine’s Reader’s Choice Awards.

ConnectWise Sell

ConnectWise Sell® quote and proposal automation gives technology solution providers (TSPs) the ability to simplify the creation of complex quotes and proposals, improve the sales process for their staff and clients, and protect margins for increased revenue. Automating the quote and proposal process and pulling real-time pricing from top distributors with ConnectWise Sell empowers TSPs to reduce manual admin work that leads to incorrect data entry and inaccurate quotes. Reducing the time it takes to create quotes speeds up the sales cycle and gets quotes to clients faster to close more deals in less time. Helping TSPs close more deals helped ConnectWise Sell be named the 2019 Best Quoting Tool in ChannelPro Magazine’s Reader’s Choice Awards.

ConnectWise Assist

ConnectWise Assist™, formerly a Continuum solution, provides expert services and consulting to help augment staff and support teams for technology solution providers (TSPs). Fully staffed NOC, SOC, and Help Desk teams are available to act as part of a TSP’s workforce to offer the competencies and expertise needed to support the growing demands of small business clients. ConnectWise Assist services make it easy for TSPs to quickly fill talent, close the skills gap, and easily scale their services without the time and financial investments.

ConnectWise Command

ConnectWise Command™, formerly a Continuum solution, is a scalable remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution with built-in NOC services providing technology solution providers (TSPs) with the tools and services they need to exceed end-user expectations and grow their businesses. Intelligent alerting and ticketing, intuitive scripting and automation, and certified NOC technicians empower TSPs to provide proactive, high-value support across any device or environment, including servers, desktops, networks, and mobile devices.

ConnectWise Fortify

ConnectWise Fortify™, formerly a Continuum solution, takes cybersecurity threat detection and response to new heights. With powerful assessments, protection, detection, and response capabilities, technology solution providers (TSPs) are able to stay ahead of the latest threats and provide the security services their clients expect. Expert SOC services are available 24/7/365 to bridge the security skills gap and provide rapid threat response to TSP’s managed environments, allowing for scalable security services and around-the-clock protection.

ConnectWise Recover

ConnectWise Recover™, formerly a Continuum solution, delivers efficient and adaptable backup and disaster recovery (BDR) options for technology solution providers (TSPs). Protect against data loss due to natural disaster, ransomware, human error, and more with expert NOC support for cloud, hybrid, or on-premise backup options. Advanced automation and verification systems and block-level storage keep data secure and available when TSPs need it to get their clients up and running faster.


ITBoost®, a ConnectWise solution, delivers best-in-class documentation for technology solution providers (TSPs) through a single solution. Access to customer feedback, business analytics, customizable dashboards, and more allow TSPs to create standard operation procedures so their techs can deliver a seamless and consistent customer experience during every client touchpoint, no matter which tech handles the issue. ITBoost also integrates with the ConnectWise platform to minimize duplicate data entry and ensure all information is accurate across all systems.

Copy bylines

Include the following bylines in the first mention of body copy for the newest additions to the ConnectWise family:

ConnectWise Command, formerly a Continuum solution

ConnectWise Fortify, formerly a Continuum solution

ConnectWise Recover, formerly a Continuum solution

ConnectWise Assist, formerly a Continuum solution

ITBoost, a ConnectWise solution

BrightGauge, a ConnectWise solution

The IT Nation, powered by ConnectWise

IT Nation Connect, IT conference by ConnectWise

IT Nation Explore, partner conference by ConnectWise

IT Nation Share, user groups by ConnectWise

IT Nation Evolve, peer groups by ConnectWise

IT Nation Secure, cybersecurity by ConnectWise

Trademark guidelines

The dos and don’ts of product trademarking.


Include the trademark symbol, either ® or ™, in the first body copy reference, unless the deliverable features the brand’s full logo in the design.

Always superscript trademark symbols.

Only use ConnectWise® if the corporate logo isn’t present.


Use trademark symbols in banner or headline copy.

Scatter symbols across the copy. If two products are mentioned together later in the copy, the symbol can be left off the first mention and included when the products are together later for aesthetic purposes.

Forget symbols for vendors or partner companies. Trademarking still applies. A quick internet search can usually tell you whether the company/product name needs either ® or ™. Refer to the ConnectWise Marketplace for our vendor trademarks.


The IT Nation®

IT Nation® Connect

IT Nation® Explore

IT Nation® Share

IT Nation® Evolve

IT Nation® Secure

ConnectWise Automate®

ConnectWise Control®

ConnectWise Identify®

ConnectWise Manage®

ConnectWise Sell®

ConnectWise Assist™, formerly a Continuum solution

ConnectWise Command™, formerly a Continuum solution

ConnectWise Fortify™, formerly a Continuum solution

ConnectWise Recover™, formerly a Continuum solution



Amazon Web Services™



Webex Teams™


Cisco Umbrella®


Microsoft 365®


Product offering naming and usage

ConnectWise products break down into individual product offerings. (Ex. Five different product offerings that make up the ConnectWise Fortify product family.)

When talking about different product offerings, ‘for’ is no longer included in the product name. (Ex. ConnectWise Fortify for Assessment is now ConnectWise Fortify Assessment)

Product package levels

Products are available at three package levels (Package levels are not applicable to all products at this time, but may be added as more complex offerings become available.)

- Basic

- Standard

- Premium

Product naming convention

Product naming follows the following format:

- ConnectWise [Product Family] [Product Offering] [Package Level]

- Ex. ConnectWise Fortify Assessment Basic

Product name usage in copy

Like all products, when first mentioning a product in body copy, the current registration symbol must be attached to the product name. Legacy ConnectWise products have the ®. New ConnectWise (legacy Continuum) products have the ™. ConnectWise stays attached to all product names throughout the copy. Ex. ConnectWise Fortify™ Assessment Basic

All product trademarks and names can be found under the ‘Descriptions and trademarks’ tab in the Brand Guidelines.