At this year’s IT Nation, we asked attendees to answer the question, “If your business could talk, what would it say?”, and in response we got some incredible insight into what’s happening for today’s technology services businesses.

The #MyBusinessSays campaign gave partners and guests the chance to really tune in to their businesses and take a good look at needs, trends, and successes. Some of our favorite answers:

  • Let’s take a vacation!
  • I think it’s time for an upgrade.
  • Work on me, not in me.

Powerful Messages

By asking our guests to think about what their business would really say, we opened a window into the heart and soul of our partners’ business experiences, and gave them the chance to explore their biggest concerns and boldest goals. So what did we hear?

What is Your Business Saying? Tell us on Twitter

What is Your Business Saying?

Tell us on Twitter
“You’ll be on a beach one day.” – Geek on Wheels

Reese Ormand, owner of Geek on Wheels, came to IT Nation last year as a hosted guest to experience the ConnectWise culture firsthand. After IT Nation 2014, he became a partner of most of the products in the ConnectWise® Business Suite™. He sees his current growth continuing into the future, capitalizing on his transition from break-fix to MSP and continuing to share his amazing story of a year of change and growth with the Suite.

”Automate me.” – Atlas Professional Services

As the President and CEO of Atlas, Greg Zolkos has fully embraced the ConnectWise Business Suite and the company culture. Every year, he invests in his business by having the ConnectWise Consulting Team visit his office and show him where he can gain efficiency and continue to grow. When he stopped to listen to his business, he heard the message that automation is key, and he continues to develop his understanding of the Suite to keep growth on track.

“If you can dream it, we can build it.” – MCPc

Kim Dontenville is the resident ConnectWise expert for MCPc. The Suite gives her the chance to go to work every day and learn something new about how to make her job easier and her company more successful. As MCPc has grown and taken on new endeavors, Kim has had the chance to see what her company can do, and where it’s going next. By using ConnectWise so adeptly, she is ready and willing to take on any new challenge that comes her way.

“Don’t stop investing in me.” – Origin IT

Matt Treacy started his business in a garage, and since has grown Origin IT into one of New Zealand’s top MSPs. He knows his business is benefitting from the investment of time, dedication, and the right solutions. Matt has been able to look at the business in depth, find room for improvement, and apply the Suite, and he knows that continuing to invest in his business will lead to further growth.

What did other partners’ businesses tell them? “Bring me more customers.” “You’re just beginning.” “Follow best practices.” “Let’s do this.” Asking our partners to dig into their daily routine, into the depths of a business they’ve poured so much time and energy into, resulted in some great moments.

Have your moment by telling us what your business is saying to you. Share what #MyBusinessSays on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or here in the comments.

What’s Your Business Saying?

Share what your business is saying, and how the ConnectWise Business Suite helps you answer the call.

Tell us on Facebook

What’s Your Business Saying?

Share what your business is saying, and how the ConnectWise Business Suite helps you answer the call.

Tell us on Facebook
Mark Sokol

Mark Sokol

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