“Drive thy business, or it will drive thee.”

Famous words, spoken by an even more famous man. This quote by successful entrepreneur and statesman, Benjamin Franklin, is something that we often hear in the IT industry. It speaks to the premise of running your business versus letting it run you. If this was a concern back in the 1700s, it’s no wonder that it is still a concern for business owners today.

The price of success can be truly expensive. You start off with good intentions, working on just few portions of your business at a time and start to see results, but coupled with that success are growing pains and more work. The cycle is never ending. But what if the story was different?

What if there was another way to accomplish success in business, without getting buried underneath piles and piles of work along the way?

There is a way to get your business in line, without stretching yourself too thin in the process. By taking care of 10 small areas, you can turn your business into a well-oiled machine that is able to run itself whether you are or are not there. Here are the first 3!

  1. Automate your basic business operations: You’ve attended IT Nation, so you’ve already taken the first step to get your business running properly. Besides the clear benefit of saving you time, automation allows you to keep your simple tasks organized whether it’s your operations, back-end support or billing procedures. ConnectWise, LabTech, and Quosal save countless man hours for us.
  2. Build processes for everything: Sure, your best technician may know how to service all of your clients by heart, but what if your best technician isn’t there tomorrow and your largest client is down? If you have a process, you can get another tech on the job and keep your client happy. Keep in mind that no department is immune to having issues come up, but with processes in place, you are better equipped to handle whatever problems occur.
  3. Hold your sales team accountable: As I mentioned above, processes make the world go ‘round. If you take nothing else away from this blog, know that a Sales Process will ultimately drive your business. Without a sales process, you’re paying your sales people to just sit there and answer the phone! What is their pre-appointment process? Or how about their follow up process? What do you do if a prospect goes cold or is hot? If you don’t have it documented as a process, there is no accountability and you don’t truly have an idea if your sales person is getting the job done or not. Plus, you can keep track of everything in ConnectWise to boot!

Ready for the other 7? Download this whitepaper, 7 Tips for Working ON your Business!

Need help implementing these areas? Connect with us at www.chartec.net and ask us about a CharTec Membership!

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