We have a lot of conversations in our leadership meetings, in our sales meetings and around the water cooler about how can we, or the company, better motivate our colleagues, ESPECIALLY our sales team.  One of the emerging trends that have been brought into sales motivation is a direct result of technology is called gamification, which quite honestly can turn sales into a game.  The term, gamification takes its roots from the gaming industry.  Let me explain first – In games (and in most facets of life), players can be highly motivated to be the best that they can be, measured against other players, as well as themselves and their own belief in their abilities.  It’s ever present over the past several years, and if you have ever played these games, or have kids that have played games, the ‘fun’ of it is to increase your ‘level’ or ‘power’.

Enter summer 2013!  We are beginning to see business software that have started taking advantage of this trend, where sales achievements – can be awarded as virtual rewards – built into the system and encouraging your team to ‘beat’ others, achieve medals or goals.

In the case of Sales, and more specifically, quoting, virtual rewards can be a way to incent your reps without adding additional costs to your sales compensation plans.  Some examples of awards can be given on metrics such as:

  • Who has produced the most quotes?
  • Who has the highest close ratio?
  • Who has the fastest closing time?
  • Who has the quickest lead response time?
  • Who adds the most services to a deal?

If you have a lot of “Millennials” on your team, you really want to pay attention to this trend.  More than any other generation, these people are used to gaming-style achievements and having their accomplishments made public for everyone to admire.  This can be a powerful retention tool for this generation.   I recall my grandfather lamenting about ‘this generation’ not respecting the old ways or ignoring ‘tradition’.  I say ‘embrace’ tradition – the NEW TRADITION that this generation is dealing with – and just maybe you could increase your sales as a result.

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Adam Slutskin

Adam Slutskin

Adam’s uncanny ability for uncovering hidden talent, and his dedication to putting customers first, has enabled him to lead his team to record sales month after month. Adam joined ConnectWise in 2010 as a Director...

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