As a business owner, you’re always looking for ways to improve the level of service you provide to your clients.  After all, the difference between building a successful business and closing shop lies in service delivery.  There are lots of resources out there that teach business owners how to improve their service offerings, but sometimes all you need to do is dust of the old VHS tape in pop in 1984’s classic Ghostbusters. Now that method probably wouldn’t always be my first recommendation, but in the spirit of Halloween, why not?  Think about it, many small business owners can probably relate very well with the Ghostbusters (minus the ghost busting).  They started a business from the ground up, they experienced growth, and their #1 goal was providing great customer service.

Sometimes, simple tips on how to improve the operations of a business are found in very strange places, and if you’re able to see beyond the comedy and hilarity of the Ghosebusters, you’ll notice that they truly are among the world’s greatest service providers.

Since most people threw away their VCR 15 years ago, I’ve listed three things I believe all service providers can learn from the Ghostbusters.

1.  Providing excellent customer service creates stickiness (ectoplasm reference) with your clients  

Stopping a giant marshmallow from destroying New York City might seem like a huge problem, but the Ghostbusters found a way to get it done.  They displayed their willingness to do whatever it takes to satisfy their clients (aka the citizens of NY).  That kind of dedication is infectious, and taking that mentality with your business can really show your clients how much you care about them.  After the Ghostbusters took down the Marshmallow Man, the people of New York didn’t even need to answer the question “Who ya gonna call?”

2.  Building a great team will pay off tenfold

The Ghostbusters might have seemed like a rag tag team at first.  Venkman, Ray, and Egon we’re down and out when they invested in an old firehouse for their new office, but that didn’t stop them from creating something great.  They started as a small group, built up their business, and became so successful at what they did that they had to bring more people onto the team (Janine as office manager and Winston and Louis as Ghostbusters).  Sound familiar?  Successful SMBs have all experienced this type of growth, the key is adding the right people to the team.

3.  Creative branding can take you a long way

Maybe it was all they could afford at the time, or maybe they were taking a page out of the UPS/MaryKay playbook, but what better way to get from one service call to another than driving through town in the Ecto-1.  With the lights flashing, horn honking, and tires screeching, it was impossible for anyone to miss the Ghostbusters driving through the city.  And while using an old ambulance might not necessarily be a realistic option for most SMBs, branding your own fleet of service vehicles is something that should be seriously considered.  Many small businesses have realized they can use their service fleet as moving billboards, exposing exponentially more people to their brand every day.


So don’t be afraid to look for ideas in strange places.  Many great leaders have found inspiration is places that other people wouldn’t think to look.  This Halloween, have a little fun, and remember the Ghostbusters next time you’re thinking about improving your service delivery.  To learn more about improving your overall business, sign up for a personalized demo from a ConnectWise expert.



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