We’ve always been driven by our commitment to partner success, but 2015 has been an especially impactful year when it comes to acting on our philosophies and passion. We’ve been working hard to follow trends and meet industry needs, and we’re excited to see how much more we can accomplish in 2016.

In the meantime, here’s a recap of how 2015 was another year of hard-working dedication to partner success.

Brain Friendly Features

We know that the industry is complicated to navigate. We want to make it easier by continuing to make our solutions as easy to use as possible. In 2015, we strived to make everything more brain friendly than ever. By delivering a blank canvas and paintbrush, you have the power to make ConnectWise your own. We all work differently, and now your ConnectWise experience can match your individual business needs.

LabTech 10

We know that remote monitoring and management are powerful tools for improving your business efficiency, so we’re continuing to focus on making your LabTech® experience even better. The LabTech 10 release gave partners lightning-fast remote control powered by ScreenConnect®, powerful scripting enhancements, LabTech Solution Center access, and streamlined network monitoring capabilities to make your job easier.

eBook - Seamless, Simple, Success with CW Business Suite Join Forces


Seamless, Simple, Success with CW Business Suite

Join Forces

When we asked our partners what they needed most, more than a few of them said they were looking for a remote support solution that would help them work smarter, instead of harder. We’ve promised to keep providing extraordinary solutions in the global marketplace, and bringing ScreenConnect on board as a core product in the ConnectWise Business Suite™ does exactly that. Now we can boost our capabilities in the remote support space, and stand at the helm of game-changing innovation in the technology service provider market.

ConnectWise® Business Suite™

The ConnectWise Business Suite represents our commitment to support the growing demands of the technology industry. As a company, we are evolving in response to our partners’ needs. After bringing ScreenConnect into our portfolio earlier this year, we realized that the modern business is no longer confined to the office. Our latest offering reaffirms our dedication to listening to our partners’ business needs and providing them with innovative solutions to support their success.


Nothing is a constant in the IT industry, except constant change. A big change we’ve seen this year is a shift away from billing by device. Your clients are expecting seamless service and multiple-device support, and the UserCentric module in ConnectWise is here to help you provide exactly that. We’ll make the transition to user-centric billing easier, and help you make it more profitable.

ConnectWise CampaignDirector™

The third most requested enhancement from our partners is marketing support, so we’re delivering improved marketing to answer that need. When you implement the marketing power inherent in ConnectWise CampaignDirector, you’ll see marketing gains that help you grow your business. Thanks to a tight integration with the ConnectWise business management solution, everything syncs to create a unified, cohesive marketing strategy that really works.

ConnectWise CloudConsole™

We know that as an IT solution provider, it can feel like you’re losing control when things move into the cloud because you’re used to having a physical server to monitor and manage. We are giving you control in the cloud with CloudConsole. Manage, monitor, and bill for Microsoft® Office 365™, and generate revenue with automatic opportunity creation when a mailbox has reached its limit.

IT Nation 2015

As has become a tradition, this year’s IT Nation announced exciting, soon-to-be-released enhancements that are going to help partners gain even more efficiency and profitability within their businesses. We want to make doing your job as streamlined as possible, and these new enhancements solve important issues currently facing our community. With over 3,000 attendees, informative break-out sessions, some incredible parties, and inspiration from Marcus Lemonis, this year’s conference was a huge success, and bigger than ever.

International Growth

ConnectWise co-Founder David Bellini has taken on the responsibility of leading all international operations, focusing his 30 years of experience in managed services—owning and running his own MSP—on promoting the growth of the UK ConnectWise partner community. Support has begun with the opening of a new 5,000 square-foot office in London, giving us an international headquarters to drive the success of our international partners.

One Company

The ConnectWise family of products offers the most seamless set of solutions on the market. By merging the companies together, we can funnel all of our resources into enhancing the user interface of all products to give you the most intuitive user experience in the industry.

What’s next? Exciting new resources like GPS Locator, change management tools, and more brain friendly enhancements are coming in 2016—all with the goal of helping our partners do more, make more, and live better.

It’s Time to Make Things Simple

Seamless integration with the ConnectWise Business Suite drives business growth.

Start Linking

It’s Time to Make Things Simple

Seamless integration with the ConnectWise Business Suite drives business growth.

Start Linking
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