At ConnectWise, we’re committed to advancing your business through technology. That means you can expect game-changers in every release of ConnectWise. Through our forums, user groups, and Partner Innovation Network (PIN), we gather and infuse partner-requested enhancements into every release of ConnectWise.

We’re aiming beyond just creating a great product that helps you run your business today. We’re set on giving you a platform on which to grow your business for years to come. Our team of experts is always on the lookout for new ways to meet partners’ business needs via the ConnectWise business management platform.

One of the most exciting features you’ll find in this release is UserCentric, which enables you to painlessly shift from a per-device billing model to a more effective per-user model. This is the future. As your customers demand flat rates for support, this solution will help you rise to that challenge.

webinar - UserCentric-The Future of Billing Learn More


UserCentric-The Future of Billing

Learn More

UserCentric is just one of the many helpful new enhancements you’ll find in 2015.5. We’re excited to share all 5 of the top enhancements we’ve added to make ConnectWise work better for you.

1. UserCentric is now available in 2015.5

UserCentric gathers user data from Active Directory and keeps contact information up-to-date. In addition, it allows you to automate billing per user by updating the product count of additions on agreements.

2. Customize Your Experience with Movable Pods

Viewing key information just got even better. Make use of additional space and see more information without scrolling. Reorder pods or move them to a 2nd column. This feature is available in screens updated with the new UI including opportunities, companies, and contacts.

3. Now in the New UI—Time Sheets

Access time sheets in the new user interface, and take advantage of new brain friendly enhancements.

4. Manage Opportunities with Tabs on Top

You’ll now find tabs at the top of the screen for Opportunities.  There is also a new Forecast pod to view key financial information on the Opportunity screen.

5. Better Payments with PayPal

Make payments easier by using PayPal directly from the Customer Portal. Get the details in our release notes.

These are just the top 5 enhancements you’ll find in ConnectWise 2015.5. There are plenty of other nifty updates in this release. Attend the upcoming UserCentric webinar to learn how this new feature can help you transition from device-based billing to a user-based model.

End Multi-Device Billing Pain

Exceed clients’ expectations for seamless service with UserCentric billing.

Learn How

End Multi-Device Billing Pain

Exceed clients’ expectations for seamless service with UserCentric billing.

Learn How
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