Worried about the LOGICnow buyout? Let us help.

| By: Steve Farnan

I lead a worldwide team of 300+ fantastic colleagues that make up a highly integrated team with one very specific goal: to provide super solutions that create a phenomenal experience for our prospects and partners alike. Everything we do starts and finishes with our customers’ success.

And isn’t that what every technology solutions provider is looking for? A business partner who starts and finishes every day with a single-minded focus on customer success? If that’s not what you’re getting, every day, it’s time to think about what you really need from your business solutions.

Setting the bar

Reliable. Certain. Successful. These are the words you want to come to mind when your customers think about your business, and the same ones you should look for in the solutions you choose to partner with. Everyone should have the experience of belonging to a community that is passionately dedicated to making their jobs easier, their businesses more profitable, and their work more efficient.

It’s what I’d want for my own business, and what I want for every one of you.

Peace of mind

In the end, it’s simple. There’s a lot of movement in the market, with companies trying to move closer to the model we’ve spent years perfecting. SolarWinds has bought out LOGICnow, but they might not support two RMM platforms forever. It’s too early to know for sure what will happen, but change is inevitable. Get ahead of it now.

You’ve got too much to do to be worried about whether your RMM will survive a buyout, or if you’ll be left holding a price hike or a forced solution switch. Your success is built on reliable tools that always have your best interests at heart, so avoid a forced move or unexpected price increases when you make the move to ConnectWise Automate®.

ConnectWise Automate is an integral part of the ConnectWise suite of solutions, a family of powerful business solutions that have paved the way for your success by assembling the first Suite of its kind, while others are running to catch up.

No single company has more to offer technology solution providers. The Business Suite of Products ties PSA, RMM, sales quoting, and remote control together to provide a unified solution that drives top-line revenue, ramps up efficiency, and reduces costs.

Making it simple

Considering N-able? It’s a great intermediate RMM tool; pretty, and easy to use. But you very quickly reach a master level and get to a point where you can’t automate anymore.

There is no limit to what you can do with ConnectWise Automate. Unlike competitive solutions that are new to the game and offering entry-level options, we’re paving an innovative path and serving up solutions that are ready to grow with you along every step of your journey from start-up to industry leader, and everything in between.

ConnectWise Automate and ConnectWise Manage® have been working simply and seamlessly together for six years and offer PSA/RMM interoperability like nothing else on the market. When I look around at other competitor offerings, there are missing pieces that we’ve had the time to develop. Whether it’s a quoting solution or the ability to bill for Microsoft® Office 365® in the cloud, our totally complete Suite of solutions has you covered.

Still unsure?

Save thousands when you make the switch from LOGICnow to ConnectWise Automate! Existing LOGICnow partners may be eligible for up to 12 months of no licensing fees! You will also be eligible for backup and cloud storage for just $0.05/GB.