Giving back: the reason for the season

| By:
Kathy Smith

Each holiday season, we like to take a look back to appreciate the reason for the season. The holidays are a time for traditions, spending quality time with loved ones, and spreading joy. So, what’s our favorite holiday tradition here at ConnectWise? Our annual ConnectWise holiday gift drive for Tampa Bay’s Success 4 Kids & Families (S4KF).

Our favorite holiday tradition

Each year, Success 4 Kids & Families stops by to provide ConnectWise with name cards representing families in need in our local community. ConnectWise colleagues have the opportunity to choose a specific family and provide the toys on each child’s wish list. We also ask colleagues to contribute as much as they can toward holiday meals so each family can celebrate the holiday with a full spread of festive fare. In 2019, we raised over $15,000 to donate toward gifts and meals for families. It’s one small way we invest in our community each year.

ConnectWise has been supporting this non-profit during the holidays for the past 12 years. Success 4 Kids & Families is an award-winning non-profit that helps children and their families by providing family-centric behavioral health and education services. They support families who have a child coping with behavioral, emotional, or mental health challenges, as well as pregnant women and their families through their Healthy Start Program.

We love to give back

Working with Success 4 Kids & Families is just one way ConnectWise gives back to the community. Throughout the year, we’ve partnered with wonderful organizations to promote a culture of philanthropy for our colleagues:

Computer Mentors

We have been sponsoring and providing volunteer coaches, mentors, and software developers for Computer Mentors’ Teen Business Challenge for the past 13 years. The mission of this organization is to “provide opportunities for educational and employment success through bridging the technology divide for populations without sufficient economic resources, especially as it relates to children and youth.”

Sponsoring STEM program at Madison Middle School

This year, we ran a school supply drive in support of the STEM program at Madison Middle School, resulting in 1,940 items donated. These items helped to supply approximately 100 students with the materials they need for success.

IT Nation Gives

Each year during IT Nation Connect in Orlando, The IT Nation partners with a local charity so both our partners and colleagues have the opportunity to give back to our hosting city. This year, we partnered with Hands On Orlando to volunteer at the Orlando Day Nursery, which strives to help families in crisis and to help children break their family’s cycle of poverty.

With the goal to help children learn, dream, and imagine their potential, our volunteers enhanced the garden, outdoor play space, and entryway of the facility as well as spent one-on-one time with the kids, encouraging their play skills and creativity.

Partners Saving the World

At ConnectWise, we’re proud to work with caring partners who use technology to make a difference. We love it when our partners go above and beyond to help their communities, and the world, in ways we couldn’t even imagine. A few of our partners have really stood out and are going above and beyond to lift up their communities:

Why we give back

We have the power to make a big impact in our local communities. We founded the ConnectWise Foundation in 2014 to promote a culture of giving back for our colleagues Our 2020 focus will be on three key areas of philanthropic commitment: education and mentoring youth, animal and marine environmentalism, and veterans.

Working with Success 4 Kids & Families helps us fulfill some of these key commitments: youth and education. We are proud to support a charity that is so dedicated to improving the lives of kids and families in our local community.

How you can give back

This holiday season, we hope the spirit of giving back extends far beyond our reach. If you want to learn more about Success 4 Kids & Families, check out their website.

On behalf of all of us here at ConnectWise, Happy Holidays from our family to yours.