Fuel your reinvention: Love your work, every day

| By:
Linda Brotherton

Okay, so you’re not going to be madly in love with your job every day. Sometimes you’ll wake up on the wrong side of the bed, lose that big deal, or miss a vital deadline. Admittedly, loving your work every day is idyllic at best.

So what’s the point? The point is to create an environment in which employees enjoy their jobs as much as possible within the confines of a company setting.

When your employees have the ability to influence key aspects of your company, they become more creative problem solvers. They love going to work every day because they know they can make a difference. And it’s that passion that you simply can’t outsource. Only those who understand your business can be as passionate about it as you.

As business people, we’re always trying to create a delightful experience with our customers because it’s good for business. But as we all know, employee dissatisfaction trickles down to the customer experience. A delightful customer experience starts from within the organization, then radiates outward.

Protect your people

Borrowing from the “Leaders Eat Last” concept developed by Simon Sinek, we support our colleagues at all costs. When tough situations come up, we band together rather than point fingers. When coworkers feel safe enough to take risks, you’ll find they are empowered to take on larger projects, which can lead to big gains for your company.

Clear the decks

When critical projects arise, we free our people to focus on completing them. Everything else gets pulled off their plates. We identify the most important priorities internally, recruit the right players, and give them the time to focus entirely on the highest priorities.

As a result, we’ve been able to complete huge undertakings in record time, and colleagues are generally more satisfied with the end product—and their contributions to it.

Perk up

We offer a number of simple incentives to keep employees loving their jobs. For instance, our cupboards are always stocked with a plethora of popular snacks available free of charge to colleagues. We even offer a daily lunch stipend.

In addition, flexible start times are available for some roles, which gives morning people the freedom to arrive bright and early and night owls the ability to hit snooze a few times before greeting the day.

And to keep colleagues motivated to achieve, we let them wear jeans for the last week of each quarter. Plus, we sponsor a number of off-site, team-building events and celebrations throughout the year. When colleagues are socially invested, they feel like an essential piece of the company.

All this adds up to a happier, more motivated workforce, which ultimately leads to a more delightful customer experience. Here are 10 simple ways you can create a company culture your employees will love:

  1. Make employees feel safe
  2. Free them to focus on top priorities
  3. Build an employee recognition and achievement program
  4. Sponsor relevant training and development opportunities
  5. Ask for regular employee feedback
  6. Offer free snacks and/or meals
  7. Provide flexible start/end times
  8. Offer a jeans day/week as an added bonus
  9. Sponsor team-building events
  10. Host social celebrations out of the office

By putting these tactics into practices, you’ll help your employees love their work more every day, and create the type of culture that attracts top talent. All of these options may not be viable for you at one time; but with a little effort, you’re sure to find a combination that works for everyone.

All it takes is a little extra motivation to spark creativity around the office, which leads to reinvention of the customer experience. Keep an eye out for the final core value in our series—breathe innovation—later this week.