Managing, monitoring, and billing Microsoft® Office 365™ licenses shouldn’t cause stress for you or your clients. ConnectWise® CloudConsole™ V2 is here, with new customizable features that make it easier and faster than ever for you to establish yourself as a trusted advisor, and invaluable partner, to your clients’ businesses.

CloudConsole is a management, monitoring, and billing tool for Office 365, built to save you time and reduce the complexity of supporting your clients’ licenses. It’s the only multitenant cloud monitoring and billing tool, and using CloudConsole, you can deliver one unified invoice to your clients.

webinar - CloudConsole V2 is Here! Watch the Demo


CloudConsole V2 is Here!

Watch the Demo

CloudConsole will help you grow your cloud services revenue, improve customer service, increase administrative control, and simplify Office 365 monitoring.

It is designed to help you:
  • Maximize efficiency by reducing the administration time required to manage Office 365 by seamlessly managing it from within ConnectWise®.
  • Protect your cloud services profit margin by allowing you to automate purchasing, provisioning, and billing.
  • Manage all users, groups, and mailboxes and easily add or remove user accounts.
  • Monitor the cloud to detect any Office 365 disruptions or outages and reach out to clients proactively. Set usage alerts and upsell clients before they run out of mailbox capacity.
  • Bill accurately and automatically to save time, increase profitability, and deliver a clean, single invoice to your clients. When new accounts come online mid-month, CloudConsole prorates billing so you don’t lose any revenue.

The response from ConnectWise partners has been astonishing! In just under three months, 542 ConnectWise partners managing over one million seats of Office 365 have streamlined their operations with CloudConsole.

What’s new in CloudConsole V2?

CloudConsole V2 includes enhancements that will speed your ability to procure and provision Office 365 licenses as well as bill for your cloud services.

Purchase from vendors you know and trust

Now you have the ability to purchase licenses from any authorized vendor with new purchasing and provisioning options. CloudConsole offers you a one-stop-shop for Office 365—purchase from your vendor(s) of choice from a single pane of glass. You never have to leave ConnectWise Manage to purchase or provision new licenses.

Work faster

Partners can now access CloudConsole directly from the contact and company screens inside of ConnectWise, so they can access the things they need in the tabs they’re already using.

Get a closer look at client usage

Improved reporting provides more ways to customize reports and greater data granularity. Drill into usage data so you can offer your clients better-informed consultation as their trusted cloud advisor.

Customize your billing

Gain more control over billing with simplified billing rates. Now, you can apply discounts, rebates, incentives and more to your bills.

Enjoy more control

Save more time and clicks with automated control of additional user and license information. CloudConsole V2 empowers you to get more granular with Office 365 licenses.

Control what shows on the invoice

New invoicing options allow you to tailor what details show up (or do not show up) on client invoices.

ConnectWise is constantly innovating to help you excel in developing a cloud services practice area in your business. CloudConsole makes the administration of Office 365 easy and seamless, allowing you to achieve greater control in the cloud.

Take Control of the Cloud

Watch the demo to see how easy the transition to cloud can be for you and your clients.

Take a Look

Take Control of the Cloud

Watch the demo to see how easy the transition to cloud can be for you and your clients.

Take a Look
Craig Fulton

Craig Fulton

Craig’s IT career began in 1995, with a letter from the U.S. Marines declaring that his specialty would be ‘Small Computer Systems.’ He achieved certifications in Lotus, Novell, Microsoft, and Cisco. After the Marines, he...

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3 thoughts on “Taking Control of the Cloud Just Got Easier

  1. Yes it’s true. The IT managed service providers can best describe the cloud and how to take control of that cloud.

  2. Hey Craig, thanks for the write-up. Office 365 is one of the fastest growing productivity enhancer around many small, medium or large scale enterprises.

    With a huge customer base, managing Office 365 subscriptions and billing is undoubtedly a difficult task. Thanks to the Office 365 billing solutions like CloudConsole which makes it easier. If the customer is billed properly, it will be beneficial for both the service provider in terms of revenue, and the customer in terms of service satisfaction. While market already has some Office 365 automation solutions like RackNap and AppDirect, CloudConsole seems to be a promising one as well.

    Keep us posted with more updates on CloudConsole!

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