Just the other day, a ConnectWise Partner shared with us that he sent $30,000 in invoices in a mere 30 seconds. That’s no joke. It’s proof that automation can simplify your workload and maximize your time.

Now, he has time to follow up with prospective customers, research, and capitalize on the latest trends in the market, and work closely with his employees to make sure every part of his business is operating smoothly.

Implementing automated billing might sound like a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be. By selecting a partner who will guide you through the process, you’ll gain the maximum benefit from your efforts.

Switching from a manual payment process to a monthly auto-billing cycle comes with perks.

These perks include increased accuracy and time savings; both lead to better customer satisfaction. Plus, your staff will be happy because arduous admin work will plummet to a much more manageable level.

You’ll no longer have piles of invoices to triple-check, numbers to crunch, or need to worry about whether you sent an invoice off to the right customer. Less stress. More time. Happier customers. And for those skeptics still doubting, you can relax, automated billing really is a good as it sounds.

Regardless of where you are in the billing process, here are a few tips to improve yours:

1.     Centralize.

House all billing information in a system that can easily audit, track, and automate billing.

2.     Automate.

Maximize recurring revenue with automatic payments. Not only does this make it easy on you, but you also might find your customers appreciating them, too.

3.     Verify.

Reconcile all billing transactions to a source ID like a serial number, service number, PO, or time/expense record.

4.     Ask.

Take down payments to reduce risk and improve cash flow for big projects. This gives you assurance for the big jobs your business counts on and peace-of-mind that your customers are committed to the project.

5.     Review.

Check invoices for accuracy before sending. Try routing in combination with statuses to allow service managers, project managers and account managers to approve invoices before delivery.

Great business opportunities are waiting on you to find them. Make every second of your time count, so you can focus on what really matters—making your business thrive. To learn how ConnectWise can take the amount of time you spend on billing from 30 hours a month to 30 seconds, sign up for a live demo.

Craig Fulton

Craig Fulton

Craig’s IT career began in 1995, with a letter from the U.S. Marines declaring that his specialty would be ‘Small Computer Systems.’ He achieved certifications in Lotus, Novell, Microsoft, and Cisco. After the Marines, he...

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