It’s easy to geek out on new technology and think that everyone should be just as excited about it as we are. Unfortunately, not all customers have the background to appreciate innovative technologies as much as we do.

Not every customer is a good target for cloud services. Some don’t even want to hear about how valuable these services could be to them. They’re completely closed off to investing in advancing their technology.

So, instead of focusing on customers who will shoot you down, start focusing on accounts (and individuals within those accounts) open to change. You need a champion inside the customer’s company who will go to bat for cloud adoption—dramatically improving your odds of closing the deal.

In the video below, I share easy ways to:

Identify the right targets

If you’re haphazardly approaching all of your customers with cloud opportunities, you’ll find it hard to close deals. Selling the cloud requires a little help. You need an innovative, early adopter on your inside to help you make the cloud case.

3 things to look for when qualifying cloud targets:

  • Early technology adopters
  • Innovation is a priority
  • Someone who will partner with you to champion the solution

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Your Action Item

Identify 10 targets in which you already have an innovative internal champion. Once you’ve completed this task, check back as I share proven ways to partner with your champion in educating decision makers.

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Chris Peterson

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2 thoughts on “The Strategic Approach to Selling Cloud Services: Targeting Customers

  1. Very valuable information on selling cloud services. Using a strategic approach and identifying the right targets are crucial. Thank you for taking the time to make this video!

  2. Hi Lauren.

    Thank you for the comment. Even though I teach this strategy and am a huge proponent, I have to be discipline about it every day. It’s difficult to get past the “you never know” thoughts about those outside our profile.

    Thanks again.


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