Quoting is cloud bound: 3 reasons to follow the trend

| By: Kent McNall

The cloud is taking over our industry, and changing the way your business interacts with information. Your clients are catching onto the trend, and rapidly moving their businesses into the cloud. By adding a cloud services practice to your existing business model, you can start to capitalize on this movement.  

The appeal of having anytime, anywhere access to data is a major factor for your clients. And the same can be said of the benefits for all areas of your business.

A cloud-based quote and proposal solution offers IT service providers of all sizes the benefits of flexibility, increased agility, and an opportunity to watch prospects interact with quotes in real time. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of quoting in the cloud.

1. The sky is the limit

Cloud-based quote and proposal solutions make it easy for your clients to access and engage your quotes and proposals, and give you the benefit of being one step ahead with a bird’s-eye view of your sales pipeline.

2. Convenient and customizable

Upgrading to a cloud-based quote and proposal solution doesn’t necessarily imply that there will be a big learning curve. Many are designed with customizable interfaces that incorporate the familiar, intuitive look and feel that web-based applications have.

3. Eliminate double entry

Choose a solution that integrates with your CRM to eliminate data double entry. The time of spending hours moving information here and there, and hoping everything is accurate, is over. Now, you can have peace of mind and space to actively grow your business.

Offering the capability to grow right alongside your company, cloud based solutions, like ConnectWise Sell®, make it easy to capture, understand, and act on marketing and sales leads.

ConnectWise Sell's new dashboard provides deeper insights into recent quotes, and because it’s frequently (and automatically) updated and enhanced, you can rest assured that you’re always getting the most use out of the product.

Need a little more convincing?

Find out how upgrading to cloud-based ConnectWise Sell can guide your sales team to success with flexibility to quote at anytime, from anywhere by watching our product demo.