How ConnectWise Sell helps you close more deals

| By:
April Taylor

We’ve been talking to our partners over the past few months, and one concern continues to pop up: how can we meet our sales quotas during this time? 

Many technology solution providers (TSPs) are working with leaner teams right now, and we all know that TSP sales tend to trend downward during any economic crisis. So, how can TSPs keep their teams motivated and remain active and profitable? 

Having the right tech stack in place is an essential place to start. This is especially true as remote work becomes a more permanent situation, and sales teams remain virtual. In fact, experts predict that by the end of 2021, 30% of the workforce will spend some of the week working from home. 

ConnectWise Sell® is the quote and proposal software that can help you grow your business by making it easier to sell more and close deals more quickly. Here’s what you can do with ConnectWise Sell:

Automate your processes

Why spend precious time doing your tasks manually if they can be automated instead? 

ConnectWise Sell offers quote and proposal automation that makes your sales cycle shorter and increases your chances of closing the deal. With this software, an accurate and professional quote is automatically generated for each of your opportunities, which means you can focus more of your time on creating those opportunities that lead to won deals. 

You can actually save up to two hours per quote, so imagine how much time this frees up for other revenue-generating tasks. 

There’s a reason why automation (in various formats) is so widely used as a powerful way to scale your business. 

Create better workflows

With ConnectWise Sell, automation doesn’t stop at quote and proposal creation. You can also automate and clean-up your workflows. This improves efficiency by ensuring that no critical steps in your process fall through the cracks, and it also helps team members stay aligned and on track. 

Workflow automation helps with:

  • Approvals
  • Guided selling
  • Automated payment collection
  • Recurring payments 

Better efficiency within your sales team ultimately leads to greater profitability. This becomes even more important when you’re managing a virtual sales team, as is so prevalent today. 

Catalog your resources

We’ve heard from partners who needed a better solution for product sourcing, and ConnectWise Sell provides that. You can link to existing product catalogs or access specialized ones and even download vendor product lists. 

An important aspect of this is that ConnectWise Sell integrates with top vendors like Cisco, Dell, and HP. 

Being closer to your vendors and distributors allows you to do business faster, more efficiently, and more seamlessly overall. 

In addition to the mentioned benefits, ConnectWise Sell also offers sales notifications, renewal reminders, CRM updates, and more. 

Various tweaks, improvements, and automation generally help you run a more productive team, which means you’ll have a lot more time to focus on selling tactics and generating more revenue for your business.