Why using ConnectWise Automate will save you time and money

| By:
Brett Cheloff

The central piece of any technology solution provider’s (TSP’s) service delivery is businesses’ remote monitoring and management (RMM) tool. Without an RMM, it would be challenging—if not impossible—for providers and their techs to deliver fast and efficient technical support to a large number of small businesses and other end users.

However, not all RMMs are created equal. You need to find the right mixture of cost, features, and functionality that fit your business and service needs. Finding the perfect combination and implementing the right RMM, like ConnectWise Automate®, into your business can take your service delivery, your clients’ experience, and your company to new levels of success.

Let’s dive into RMMs and ConnectWise Automate.

What is an RMM?

Before we dig into why you need an RMM and what to look for in one, let’s talk about what an RMM is. A remote monitoring and management tool allows a service provider to efficiently and effectively manage client endpoints. The right tool makes it possible to do and support more with a limited amount of resources.

Each RMM tool is different and provides a variety of features, but, for the most part, any RMM that’s worth the cost will help you and your techs proactively locate, update, and monitor managed client endpoints. Automation is at the core of any RMM, so many of the daily, routine tasks that typically take up a lot of your techs’ time are performed automatically through scripts and other functions. Being proactive puts you and your team ahead of issues before they become your client’s issues.

What to look for in an RMM

The most important thing to look for in an RMM, like any investment, is ROI. You don’t want to put too much money into an RMM tool and not get the proper use out of it or find the tool is not right for your company. Contrarily, an inexpensive RMM may not possess all the features you need, preventing it from matching with your growth.

This leads us to scalability. Start planning your service delivery growth strategy to formulate an idea of what your help desk could look like one, three, or five years down the road. A simple pricing and licensing model will let you add more endpoints when the time comes without buying too much too soon. After all, the idea of automation and the RMM is to do more with less.

You will want to dig a little deeper into what functions are automated in the RMM you’re looking for. The less your techs have to do, the more time they’ll have to tackle high-priority issues and focus on the customer experience instead of just customer support. Things like patching, endpoint discovery, and proactive monitoring are a few things to keep an eye out for. If you implement a new RMM and your techs still need to manually look for new devices on a client’s network or approve each patch, you may have made the wrong decision.

Security is on the mind of all your clients. Finding an RMM with proper security measures and encryption is crucial to keeping your clients’ secure. Your RMM is like the front door to your clients’ networks, and if a cybercriminal breaches your systems, they can run attacks and spread malicious software across your entire client base with just a few clicks.

Key ConnectWise Automate features and functionality

Here are a few of the key features of ConnectWise Automate that helped it be awarded the best remote monitoring and management tool in ChannelPro Magazines 2019 Reader’s Choice Award.

Patch management

Patching is a critical service that keeps your clients’ endpoints and servers up to date with the latest security and vulnerability fixes and overall software functionality. The service is also a time-consuming part of your techs’ job. With patch management in ConnectWise Automate, automation takes over to send patches to your clients’ endpoints automatically. ConnectWise Automate covers patches for Windows® and popular third-party applications your clients use every day. Integrations with your professional services automation (PSA) tool allow you to automate patch billing, so you don’t lose out on any recurring revenue.

Remote monitoring

To ensure a well-run working environment for your clients, you need to guarantee everything on their networks are operating properly by monitoring all endpoints around the clock. ConnectWise Automate and remote monitoring alerts you of any issues that arise and provides the tools to remediate any issue that comes your way. The idea is not just about solving issues as they come to you. 24/7 monitoring allows you to catch issues proactively, dispatch a resolution, and fix the issue before your client even knows what happened.

Remote support with ConnectWise Control

There comes a time when, no matter how hard you try, you will need access to your client’s device. In the past, this would require an on-site visit, taking up time and money. Now, with ConnectWise Automate and ConnectWise Control®, remote access to your managed devices allows you to provide instant support from the comfort of your desk. Inside ConnectWise Automate, you can launch a ConnectWise Control remote session, fix the issue, and get your client back to work. You can also run scripts and commands in the background using Powershell and Windows Command terminals without interrupting the end user at all.

ConnectWise Automate integrations

Integrations are an easy way to expand your use of your RMM, and ConnectWise Automate has powerful integrations with other ConnectWise products, as well as a growing number of third-party integrations that make up the ConnectWise ecosystem.

ConnectWise Automate and ConnectWise Manage

You need an RMM tool that works seamlessly with your PSA tool to make daily operations easier and more accurate. I mentioned earlier how integrating your RMM and PSA allows you to automate billing for patching. The process saves time, captures recurring revenue, and helps make patching easy, but that just scratches the surface of the RMM/PSA relationship.

Look for an RMM solution that eliminates double data entry into your PSA tool. Whether this means you track time spent completing work for a customer or creating background scripts, RMM tools exist to make your work easier, not more complicated.

ConnectWise Automate and ConnectWise Manage® integrate to remove barriers between the support and business side of your TSP. Issue resolution becomes faster by allowing you to dig into ConnectWise Automate from a ConnectWise Manage ticket to run a script and bring the end user up and running. When you run a script or command in ConnectWise Automate, the associated ConnectWise Manage ticket will update and flip the status to alert your help desk that the next steps are ready to begin.

ConnectWise Automate and BrightGauge

Effective service delivery is more than just fixing issues. What’s being worked on, how long issues take to resolve, and other metrics allow you to determine what areas of your service delivery need improvements or further investments. With BrightGauge®, a ConnectWise solution, and ConnectWise Automate, you can monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) that matter to your service desk.

You can also monitor whether or not your devices are up to date, are reaching max capacity, are experiencing an urgent issue that needs addressing, are failing, and more. Constant visibility means nothing falls through the cracks.

ConnectWise Automate and ITBoost

As your business grows and you bring on more clients, your number of managed devices is going to increase. As the number climbs, keeping track of what’s going on with what machine can be a little overwhelming and not having the right documentation software can make that process untenable.

With ConnectWise Automate and ITBoost®, you can bring together all the critical data from machines across your entire client base into a single solution. Get instant access to information like system uptime, storage, installed software, processes/event logs, and more. Customizable dashboards in ITBoost keeps the machine information and data you need a click away.

What if you’re sifting through the data and notice you need to take a closer look at a machine? No worries. Instantly access ConnectWise Automate right from the Configuration Dashboard inside ITBoost and get to work.

With technology advancing and your clients expecting more from you, having the right RMM can make or break your service delivery. And it’s not just the software. How the software works with your other solutions to give your techs what they need to do their jobs will provide a true differentiator against the competition.