Most technology solutions providers (TSPs) chose this industry for this reason: to help other businesses and, sometimes, consumers effectively navigate technology. This may translate into large technical projects or ongoing customer support. So where’s the time to dedicate to sales?

Fortunately, there are tools you can invest in that will streamline processes and eliminate arduous, repetitive tasks, so your team can spend their time growing your revenue. A business management platform (BMP) and a quote and proposal automation solution are two of these tools.

Imagine what you could accomplish with the time you’ll get back when these two powerful business tools fully integrate. Let’s take a look at a few of those possibilities with ConnectWise’s BMP and Quosal, the quote and proposal automation solution.

Automation Makes It Easy Here’s How

Automation Makes It Easy

Here’s How
Save Time Manually Entering Information

ConnectWise and Quosal work seamlessly together, meaning the information from quoted sources is automatically accessible within one centralized hub. You no longer have to manually type in vendor-related information into purchase orders, plus, you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your information is always up-to-date.

Eliminate Repetitive Processes

Many of the processes behind creating sales and purchase orders are repetitive. These activities would be easier if fewer steps were involved. That’s where ConnectWise and Quosal come into play, significantly reducing the number of steps required in the procurement workflow because the systems harness the power of automation to take care of the entire process.

Plus, the client information stored in ConnectWise, letting you instantly populate quote and proposal fields within the same platform, saving valuable time that your team can spend procuring more leads, and helping your current clients.

Centralize Your Information

Before placing orders, many TSPs have to double-check the price and availability of the products. Wouldn’t it be great if that information was pulled into one screen so you don’t have to go searching? Quosal’s product sourcing and price comparison functions seamlessly provide you and your team with that information so there’s no need to spend extra time checking other systems.

ConnectWise® and Quosal® are two of the four powerful TSP business solutions that make up the ConnectWise® Business Suite™. Offering a wide range of business automation platforms that work seamlessly together, making it easier to manage all of your company’s business management functions.  With their forces combined, you’ll save time and energy, and be able to provide your clients with the best service possible.

Boost Business with Automation

Uncover what the Quosal and ConnectWise platform integration can mean for your operations.

Free eBook

Boost Business with Automation

Uncover what the Quosal and ConnectWise platform integration can mean for your operations.

Free eBook
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