ConnectWise Manage: a look back and a glimpse into the future

| By:
April Taylor

We’re already over a month into the new year, and with it comes reflections, new intentions, and exciting changes. Every year, we intend to offer our partners products that help them deliver exceptional customer service, bring in more revenue, and grow their business. In 2018, we took ConnectWise Manage® to a whole new level with enhancements and additional features that allow our partners to operate even more efficiently. Join us as we take a look back at how we made our ‘already amazing’ business management software even better. Then, we’ll take a look at future enhancements you can expect in 2019. Because just when you thought our tools couldn’t get any better, we manage to surprise you.

The best of 2018

Partial payments or credits

When printing an invoice, ConnectWise Manage now shows you if credits or payments have been applied to that account. This gives your clients the most up-to-date information on payments and whether or not they’re still owed on a specific invoice.

Special client notifications

Make sure your techs stay up to date on important notes or changes when working with a specific company and/or contact. When the new special client notification feature is enabled, ConnectWise Manage will display an alert at the top of your tickets in an orange banner, so they don’t go unnoticed.

Mass update additions

A new tab has been added to the agreements screen that allows you to make mass updates to additions across multiple companies or agreements—including updates to price, cost, or quantity. Previously, when agreement renewals came around or when vendors updated their prices, there was no way to update their additions without drilling into every agreement and then updating each individual product. With the new updates, you can ensure that money doesn’t get lost, and your reporting is always accurate. Talk about a huge time saver!

What’s coming in 2019

Ticket notes rewrite

The notes pod on Service Tickets will look completely different this year (in a very good way). You’ll now be able to use rich text formatting (bullets, numbered lists, bold, italicize, etc.), format your hyperlinks, and paste images from your clipboard inline. You’ll also be able to see the rich text formatting within the ticket along with inline images.

Push notifications

You will also have the option to have status notifications and workflow rules appear as push notifications within the ConnectWise Manage app. This means technicians won’t have to navigate back and forth nearly as much between your email server and ConnectWise Manage. With push notifications, you’ll be able to review full emails as needed and keep a scrolling list of the notifications that come through so they can easily be checked later.

Performance improvements

We’re dedicated to improving performance throughout the ConnectWise Manage application. We now have a dedicated Performance Engineer on our team who is solely focused on improving the speed and stability of the product. Our intent is to not only improve the overall speed of ConnectWise Manage, but also focus on specific pages and actions within the product where you may have seen lag. We know your time is precious, so we’re working hard to make navigating the product as fast and easy as possible.

System auditing

With cyberattacks becoming increasingly smarter, security is a subject on top of everyone’s mind. With the new system audit feature, you’ll be able to stay up to date on who and when a member logs into ConnectWise Manage. This will give admins in the company more visibility into what's going on and who is making changes—and what changes they’re making—in the system.

Whether you sell, service, or support technology, ConnectWise Manage is a business management platform designed to successfully run and grow your technology business. Each year we work hard to provide you with the best products possible, and hope these enhancements make your day-to-day operations easier and your profits higher. Stay tuned for even more product updates from ConnectWise!