Your customer asks, “What’s a router?” Save the day with ConnectWise View

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Dee Cater

You’d rather send a quick text than pick up the phone and spend 20 minutes on a call. You’d rather read an email than go to a meeting for half an hour. You’d much rather deposit your check through your bank’s mobile app and see the money instantly in your account than drive all the way to your bank to deposit the check and STILL wait a day for the funds to process. In today’s world, we want instant gratification.

We’ve gotten used to an instant reward and having our needs met immediately. The most common question when considering buying a product is how soon you will be able to utilize it. For many people, if it’s not available with same-day shipping, it’s no longer worth the money. The same principle stands with tech support—when it comes to getting questions answered or a problem solved, your customers want it done immediately. In your business, you have to be ready and available to assist customers with record breaking response times and excellent customer service. ConnectWise View enables you to do just that.

With ConnectWise View™, your customers can have an IT expert at their fingertips—you! For those times you can’t use a remote access solution like ConnectWise Control® to solve a problem, you can quickly troubleshoot and resolve on-site issues with ConnectWise View without delay.

ConnectWise View: perfect for those “what’s a router?” moments

Some things are easier to explain when you are able to show visual representation of what you’re talking about. Say you get a call from an end user who doesn’t know what a router is. You scramble to try to find the right words to explain, or perhaps search for a diagram you can send to them. All this time, you’re not helping the customer to resolve their actual issue, because you’re too busy trying to help them understand something that would be easier for them to grasp in person.

Enter: ConnectWise View. ConnectWise View gives you the ability to show your customers direct visualization of any questions they may have or guide them through fixing a problem in real time.

You’re probably wondering how this all works. It’s simple. You, the expert, want to provide your customer with the easiest, most efficient service. By utilizing ConnectWise View, which is an integration available within ConnectWise Control premium, you are able to launch live stream sessions directly from the host page.

This means that instead of having to send a technician on-site to assess and fix customer problems, you can now help your end users with on-site issues, like hardware malfunctions, virtually. You can also capture data during your session with snapshots that you can then download and save for future reference.

Empower your customers as a trusted adviser

You’ve probably dealt with it before—the flustered customer who can’t quite explain the issue they are having. Perhaps they are confused, don’t know the proper terminology, or are distressed that they will break something, lose their data, or somehow make the problem worse if they tinker with anything on their own. Unfortunately, this only wastes time and energy on a phone call that is less than productive.

ConnectWise View enables your customers to easily provide visualization and direct you to the problem at hand. In addition, since your customers are able to step into your shoes while you assess the problem and learn more about the technology they use every day, you become a “trusted adviser,” so to speak. When you are helping your customers feel empowered and knowledgeable about an issue while offering valuable solutions, they are more likely to come to you for advice in the future.

Benefits of ConnectWise View’s technology

You know how important it is to be efficient in your business. ConnectWise View enables your technicians to efficiently solve problems, which results in time and money saved in your business as well as happier customers overall. By taking your remote sessions to the next level and providing stellar customer service in the moment, you become a hero in the eyes of your customers and not only boost your retention, but your reputation.

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