Simplify and save time with ConnectWise Control

| By: Jeff Bishop

If time is money, the newly-updated ConnectWise Control® 6.3 is a wise investment. A simplified yet robust interface streamlines remote support sessions, providing a smoother experience. It’s the secure remote support, access, and meeting platform you rely on, but with updated features to reduce time and increase productivity.

Five feature favorites

Ease of access: With ConnectWise Control 6.3, users can now forego the frustration of fumbling with two-factor authentication when logging in from trusted devices. This upgrade retains security measures while providing for quicker log-ins—something both hosts and guests can appreciate.

Smooth sharing: We’re not only committed to partner success; we’re obsessed with it. That’s why we’ve added the ability to drag and drop files to Mac from Windows & Mac machines. You can now quickly transfer files to guest machines without using the File Transfer menu. ConnectWise Control 6.3 is one less step between you and success.

Simple search: Sometimes a search is restricted by the limits of your memory when you’re either not searching in the right place, or using the wrong keyword. With ConnectWise Control 6.3, we’ve eliminated this frustrating and time-consuming process. You can now search multiple session types with one simple search, and if no results are found, you’ll even see suggestions for results in other session types.

One-click creation: The simplified ConnectWise Control 6.3 keeps pace with your train of thought, saving time and maximizing productivity. Create support and meeting sessions with one click. See all session information in the session detail panel, with secure code set as the default, and invitation options consolidated into a tab panel.

Direct invitation: ConnectWise Control 6.3 guests can now automatically join a session when they click on an invitation, eliminating the need to click on “Join Your Session.” It’s also easier than ever to invite guests to a session using the new start panel, with the option to send a code, link, email or calendar invitation.