Discover what’s new in ConnectWise Manage 2017.2

| By:
Linda Brotherton

New year, new ConnectWise Manage® release, new opportunity to ring in the revenue in 2017? Yes, please!

We’re shaking things up with the ConnectWise Manage 2017.2 webinar by making it a two-parter! We’ll start by reviewing the new features and functionality like usual. But then, (drumroll please), we’ll reveal our Top 10 Updates in 2016!

There are some big contenders for this list, like the most requested update of all time: merge tickets. For now, start with these 2017.2 teasers and register for the webinar to see if your favorite feature made the list and discover what else we’ve got in store for you!

Work smarter in 2017

If it’s possible to help you get where you’re going just a little faster, we’ll make it happen! No effort in this area is too small in our eyes. So in this release, we’ve added copy and paste functionality for agreements. You can simply copy an existing agreement and apply it to another customer with this update.

Mass actions on purchase order products is another time-saving feature we’ve included in 2017.2. Now, making changes to multiple products at one time is a piece of cake. Think of what you can do with those few extra minutes you’ll save…trust us, they’ll add up BIG TIME at the end of the day.

UserCentric updates

You can more effectively manage your UserCentric clients and add new companies in a snap with the new Company Setup Wizard UI. Save time and gain more accuracy in the process? It’s a win-win.

We’ve smoothed out the kinks in the client review process with at-a-glance List View for invoices. With this enhancement, UserCentric users will be displayed in a list view (rather than a bundled group) making it easier for your clients to understand who you’re supporting.

Before, if you changed the quantity count, the previous product line item would be set to Cancelled and a new line item would appear. We recognize that that quickly leads to a lot of clutter! With cleaner additions in a UserCentric Agreement, the same product will be continuously updated when the quantity changes, making the Additions List View much easier to read.

Register for the webinar today to discover how to work more productively tomorrow!