Video playlists for MSPs supporting a remote workforce

| By: Jeff Bishop

Over the last several months, technology solutions providers (TSPs) across the country have had to facilitate an incredible transformation in the US workforce. Not only did they need to transition their own operations to a completely remote work environment, but they also needed to ensure they were able to support their clients’ transitions to a remote workforce. These changes in operations happened overnight for some companies, and the need for support hit all at once.

After the dust settled from the initial remote workforce boom, TSPs are now in a position where they need to support this need for a remote workforce for an indefinite period of time, both for themselves and for their clients. But how can you ensure your business is running as efficiently as possible in a time that’s critical for your customers? We at ConnectWise understand that, now more than ever, you need to get the most out of the tools you use to support your operations, and your team needs to operate at maximum efficiency to ensure the best service delivery for your customers.

If you need some advice for how to get the most out of the ConnectWise solutions you own, we’ve curated several video playlists to help you get the maximum results from our products while working remotely.

ConnectWise Manage

With your employees all working remotely, having one source of truth for all client information is going to be more important than ever. Ensure your team knows to track all time, all of the time so they’re able to show your customers the value of the services you’re providing. This is also an ideal time to ensure that you’re dispatching tickets efficiently, capturing the information you need and ensuring techs are able to quickly resolve issues that may arise. Plus, ensure you’re staying in contact with your clients and providing important updates about your business by leveraging Communications Manager. You can learn these tips and more by watching the videos in this playlist for ConnectWise Manage®.

ConnectWise Automate

Moving to a completely remote workforce might mean there are some bumps in the road as your clients adopt to working in a new environment. Being able to solve your customer’s problems quickly and efficiently will not only help them ensure they’re able to do their jobs during a stressful time, but will also help ensure you’re able to keep them satisfied with the services you’re providing. Learn how to reset a local user’s password remotely, edit a computer’s registry, transfer files using the ConnectWise Automate agent, and more in the ConnectWise Automate® video playlist.

ConnectWise Control

Using ConnectWise Control makes it easy for you to troubleshoot if your clients are running into technical issues, and also allows your clients’ remote workforce the ability to work efficiently and securely. The ConnectWise Control® remote workforce extension allows you to easily assign a single ConnectWise Control user to a unique machine or group of machines for access, enabling you to more easily support a remote workforce. With the ConnectWise View extension in ConnectWise Control, you’re able to troubleshoot any onsite technical issues that your customers are facing in their homes, without needing to send a tech onsite to resolve what the issue may be. Learn more about how to get the most out of ConnectWise Control and its extensions with these tips.

ConnectWise Command

Create tasks and advanced workflows using the Sequences function in the ITSupport portal within Continuum Command to help you create efficiencies and free up more time for your support team. Once you have these tasks and sequences, you can schedule them to run during a pre-determined time, or set them to run based on a trigger you specify. But efficiency isn’t the only area of concern for TSPs who are trying to maintain productivity in remote work environments. With the dark web monitoring feature inside ConnectWise Command™ , you’re able to quickly determine if credentials have been exposed or are for sale on the dark web. Using your clients’ domains and email addresses, you can monitor whether their information has potentially been exposed on the dark web, as well as create reporting around exposed passwords and breach sources if available. Watch these videos to see how Continuum Command helps you support your remote workplace environments.

As businesses around the world are running on remote workforces instead of in the office environments that were available a few months earlier, your role as their trusted technology advisor is more important than ever. Your customers are now working in potentially unconventional, though hopefully temporary, work environments that may require additional support needs you may not have originally planned for. By getting the most out of the products you already use, you can quickly determine how to continue to support their ongoing needs.