2020 Q1 ConnectWise product update

| By: Jeff Bishop

The future is driven by innovation. At ConnectWise, we strive to advance our software and services to meet and exceed our partners’ expectations and to help their businesses reach new heights in productivity and profitability. With new tools providing more granular levels of control and capability, every update is designed to help technology solution providers (TSPs) provide more effective and efficient solutions to your clients.

Learn more about what the first update of the new decade has in store for your favorite ConnectWise products.

What you need to know, when you need it

Response and resolution times are becoming more and more critical. With ConnectWise Manage®, you can create customized real-time alerts, allowing you to anticipate client needs, and respond immediately and impressively. Real-time pop-up notifications carry client records directly inside the update, making everything you need to know available at a click.

Plus, one of our powerful new enhancements gives you the ability to view every critical piece of client information exactly where and when your reps need it—making support seem nearly clairvoyant. Workflows now provide the option to attach all associated configurations to any ticket, while the new Status’ view in Calendars gives a top-down look at all open items, ensuring that no issue goes unresolved.

Your time is precious, and the last place you want to spend it is sorting through administrative tasks like user management or invoice payments. ConnectWise Home provides a streamlined and centralized hub for anything we might be able to help you with, making it as easy as possible. The latest Manage update also comes with improved performance so you can accomplish tasks more efficiently. You'll enjoy quicker load times and improved responsiveness throughout the application.

Security and accountability

We have arrived in a complex future where data security has become the central priority for every organization. If high-profile breaches have taught us anything, it’s that anyone and any piece of information can be targeted. To keep data safe, it’s paramount that access only be given to properly authorized users. In 2020, mandatory multi-factor authentication (MFA) is now the default in ConnectWise Automate® to add an extra layer of security across your ConnectWise environments.

Providing as much detail as possible in security documentation helps mitigate risk and ensure accountability. The ConnectWise Control® integration in ConnectWise Automate will allow techs to document the reason they’re taking remote control of a client device, creating a clear record of who did what and why.

ConnectWise’s goal of making 2020 the “Year of the Admin” has no greater mission than to migrate all of our admin functions to the browser—starting with additional Agent Flags, Script Scheduler, and Maintenance Mode.

Provide flexible options

There’s nothing more frustrating to sales than a client who wants to pay but can’t. Integration with ConnectBooster gives you another option to accept client payments and allows clients to store payment details to streamline future transactions.

Get Granular

Success is in the details. ConnectWise Control can now capture and correlate data and valuable machine information with open tickets, allowing techs to view critical details within a ConnectWise Manage ticket immediately upon connecting to a client support session. At the close of every session, detailed notes are automatically added to the ticket via a link to an HTML-based session report. Instant access to this collection of valuable session and audit data, including chat transcripts, session events, and technician notes, allows your reps to fully understand any issue and every key detail—for any client.

Something you know, something you are, or something you have—MFA is top of mind this year, for us and everyone else. In conjunction with our security initiatives in ConnectWise Automate, ConnectWise Control will also be requiring a second factor of authentication for all Cloud Account Administrators as of March 2, 2020.

Providing clients with the highest security standards is paramount for all MSPs. As we highlighted in our ConnectWise Control 2019 review, ConnectWise is deeply committed to continued innovations to help our partners deliver stability and peace of mind to their customers.

Identify and analyze client risk

How vulnerable are your clients today? How aware are they of the threats they are facing? The ability to create and configure client risk assessments will now automatically appear in ConnectWise Manage as soon as they’re connected. Recent enhancements to the provided tools make running, analyzing, and leveraging the results of assessments simple, while automatic notifications will help reps stay on top of every follow-up requirement.

Welcome the newest members of the ConnectWise family
Business intelligence from BrightGauge

Collecting your company’s key performance indicators (KPI) and putting them to effective use can help keep a team motivated and on-track. With BrightGauge®, a ConnectWise solution, you enjoy easy-to-access and navigate dashboards and reports, along with a custom goal management system, to help everyone see the bigger picture of success.

Speed and Performance

Operations cannot be limited by technology. ITBoost®, a ConnectWise solution, is fanatical about resolving any known issue with maximum efficiency, ensuring that systems are optimized and available to exceed every expectation. Integration with MongoDB Enterprise Advance will provide an additional layer of best-of-breed security.

We never stop thinking about your success at ConnectWise. Our team is constantly working to innovate solutions to the complex modern challenges faced by our TSP partners and their clients. Every new development and enhancement is made to help you continue successfully bring your business into the future.

Cybersecurity threat detection, expert services, and more

ConnectWise is excited to welcome Continuum®, a ConnectWise company, and its powerful collection of software solutions to the ConnectWise platform. Continuum brings real-time cybersecurity threat detection with ConnectWise Fortify™, formerly a Continuum solution, expert services with ConnectWise Assist™, formerly a Continuum solution, and scalable round-the-clock NOC and RMM with ConnectWise Command™, formerly a Continuum solution.