As an MSP, your clients expect you to protect them with rock-solid, complete security solutions that address all of the threats out there that could affect your customers. And here’s the thing—it’s your job to anticipate how those threats can present themselves; your clients are too busy running their businesses to pay attention to the latest virus and malware trends.

Which means they aren’t hip to the enormous vulnerabilities the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) movement is posing for today’s organizations. Sure, it’s no secret to you and other IT professionals that mobile device usage is on the rise and threats are quickly catching up. But to your end users, all those smartphones and tablet computers are just amazingly convenient and cool ways to email, use social media, browse the web and generally stay connected.

Unfortunately, that means they simply don’t see their mobile devices as being prime targets for malware and other threats (“Hey, that virus stuff only infects ‘regular’ computers, right?”). And they don’t really think about the fact that, in addition to being prime targets for cyber-attacks, mobile devices are highly susceptible to theft and loss due to their size and portability.

Bottom line, it’s on your shoulders to educate your clients about the very real vulnerabilities that mobile devices present. Not only will you build even more credibility with your customers by protecting their mobile devices from a wide range of threats, you’ll also have the opportunity to generate additional revenue and margin with Webroot SecureAnywhere™ Mobile Protection.

For example, say a client loses his/her smartphone—granted, there will be the inevitable expletive like the one in this article’s headline, but after that it’s a no-stress process to remotely lock the device and activate the loud scream function to make it easy for the phone to be found and returned to its owner. If it can’t be found, the phone can easily be wiped remotely. Either way, the device’s information remains completely protected.

These are features that your clients will absolutely love—lost or stolen devices can be a nightmare for individuals and organizations to deal with. The nominal extra cost per user of Webroot mobile protection is something that your customers will be happy to pay for (it’s a whole lot cheaper for them than dealing with data breaches), and you’ll reap the benefits of extra revenue and margin.

And this is just one aspect of Webroot’s capabilities; keeping your clients’ data and mobile workforce safe with uncompromising protection against online threats is the core strength of Webroot mobile protection. Utilizing the power of cloud-based intelligence, Webroot provides robust mobile device protection with simple administration and centralized management; as a result, you’ll be able to keep your clients’ data safer—and spend much less time doing it.

So here’s a perfect chance to be proactive. SMB customers in particular need assistance in securing their employees’ mobile devices; working with Webroot, you can provide a higher level of data and device protection for clients…and do so profitably.



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