Every successful technology solution provider knows the truth.

Efficiency through automation is essential to growth, but it’s customer satisfaction with service delivery that’s critical to long-term profitability. It’s not only the technology in place, but how it’s used—and incorporated into a relationship with clients—that shapes success.

Your service delivery team knows your clients’ specific needs better than anyone else. Here are a few ticketing best practices to help that front line develop and guide effective service delivery management:

Ticket Excellence is a Must Have for Effective Service Delivery

Make tickets the center of everything.  No exceptions.  Avoid the temptation of ‘I’ll just take care of this with a quick phone call.’

Whether a need is classified as a request, incident, problem, change or event, an automated ticket should steer the process. When the process is controlled, scheduling is efficient, slipping through the cracks is all but eliminated and there’s an accurate accounting of time for reporting and invoicing—an overall win for you and your client.

When considering best practices for automated tickets and scheduling, these tips prove to be more than poetic:

All Roads Lead to Rome

If you think of your service board as Rome, everything should end up there, regardless of where it started.

Paint Tomorrow Green

One of the daily goals of your dispatcher is to fill tomorrow’s calendar to capacity. A full schedule is green, meaning billable hours have been maximized.

My Life is My Calendar

A complete calendar should include all scheduled resources, putting your service team one click away from full job functionality.

Discover all 5 best practices for service delivery management by downloading the eBook, Help Desk Management: 5 Tips to Increase the Efficiency of Your Team.
Craig Fulton

Craig Fulton

Craig’s IT career began in 1995, with a letter from the U.S. Marines declaring that his specialty would be ‘Small Computer Systems.’ He achieved certifications in Lotus, Novell, Microsoft, and Cisco. After the Marines, he...

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