Minimize Headaches & Maximize Profits with CloudConsole

| By: Craig Fulton

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a small up-and-comer, managing and selling cloud services can cause anyone’s head to spin if you’re not careful.

Did client A’s mailbox just fill up? Did client B’s backup run correctly after that outage? So many things to constantly keep track of! Your clients put their trust in you to keep their processes running smoothly, so why not put your trust in the same? With ConnectWise CloudConsole™, you can easily and efficiently tailor it to suit your needs and the needs of your client base.

Integrating effortlessly with Microsoft Office 365 and Azure, ConnectWise CloudConsole makes managing, monitoring and billing your clients much easier. By keeping everything in one location, you decrease your Silos of Chaos™ and increase your efficiency. Once you’ve customized ConnectWise CloudConsole to your specific needs, the hours previously spent rummaging through separate programs could instead be used towards offering new services, working on projects, training on new technologies or anything else you can think of!

Spending too long on so-called simple tasks? ConnectWise CloudConsole can let you know about reoccurring items and alert you when thresholds are about to be reached, resulting in fewer annoyed phone calls from clients and less time spent doing repetitive and tedious assignments.

With ConnectWise CloudConsole, you can efficiently manage all users, groups, mailboxes, virtual servers, SQL databases, websites, and storage from one place. What’s more, ConnectWise CloudConsole takes the headache out of billing also. With the ability to automatically invoice your clients for all cloud services on one invoice, you now have time for other profitable endeavors.

If you’re not sure if ConnectWise CloudConsole is right for you, why not try it free for 30 days? Try it out today and see for yourself the cost-saving and time-saving benefits it can have for your business!