Let's chat about your support team's solutions

| By:
Kathy Smith

Technology has made everything instant.  Gone are the days of playing phone tag, and waiting around for voicemail responses.  To best meet your customers’ needs, innovate your service offerings to support them in every capacity. 

In order to be competitive these days, you have to provide instant, convenient, and efficient user support to your clients. A great start to doing that is to use a chat solution at your business!  Imagine your users being able to send a quick message, and get connected to someone who is available right now.

A chat solution allows you to:

Be an impressive and efficient support service

Connect instantly with clients to gain an understanding of the issue, and track time and progress directly into your customer management platform.

Offer convenience

Wider resources equals greater service!  A chat solution puts your clients with someone available now.  Troubleshoot and ask for clarifications of problems, right then and there, to get to the root of the problem.  No phone tag involved, no unanswered urgent emails waiting in inboxes, no more misunderstandings delaying solutions.

Boost productivity

Control queue lines, and allow techs to help multiple clients at once, increasing billable hours.  While one client is explaining their problem in more detail, troubleshoot another’s issue.  Clients and techs can be exponentially more productive.

Lastly, combine other tools for the ultimate service

Pairing a remote control tool with chat assist allows technicians to seamlessly walk clients through the solution, while executing a fix right in front of them remotely.

Innovative service offers convenience, and boosts productivity for not only your clients, but for your technicians.  Built right here from the ground up, ConnectWise Chat™ is a fully integrated chat solution that allows techs to instantly communicate with customers.

And with latest enhancement, ConnectWise Chat now works directly with the lightning fast remote control solution powered by ConnectWise Control®. Support your team by enabling chat and remote control solutions, like ConnectWise Chat and ConnectWise Control, so they can provide unbeatable service.

Your service offering and response times will be extraordinary!