How to Better Handle Disaster Recovery

| By:
Mark Sokol

Facing recovery after a major data loss can be terrifying. Not only are you scrambling to find and replace everything you’ve lost, but you’re also working double-time to reassure clients. With the right solutions at your disposal, you can keep your clients up and running through even the worst disasters.

The best disaster recovery solutions give you peace of mind by making the recovery process faster, easier, and less costly for your business. You’ll be prepared with top-notch disaster recovery, and your clients might never know there was a risk.

ConnectWise & My IT

My IT, a Louisiana-based technology service provider, is no stranger to weather-related disasters, and the potential fallout for their business. By maintaining the best processes and practices throughout the year, My IT is able to rely on proactive measures that minimize the impact of a major disaster.

With a combination of ConnectWise Manage and an integrated RMM, the My IT team has full visibility into their most necessary information in the moments leading up to a disaster.

“Disaster recovery is all about understanding our client’s environment, configurations and service history, so we use ConnectWise Manage in the planning/preparation phase. We go back into our records in ConnectWise Manage and provide our client with data to show their utilization of our services and use that to design a specific disaster recovery strategy for them.” –David Bourgeois, President, My IT

The My IT strategy focuses on planning and preparedness, so that when disaster really does strike, the company is ready to quickly, efficiently, and inexpensively provide solid service to clients with minimal disruption. Because a disaster can be anything from a lost server to a catastrophic hurricane, the team knows that time is of the essence, so that clients are protected and the My IT staff still has time to get themselves to safety.

Nurturing Clients

A successful disaster recovery experience doesn’t happen right away with most new clients. My IT has learned from experience that the best recovery experiences mean tutoring clients from day 1, working with them to make sure they have the right tools and processes in place to keep business moving once a disaster hits. Yearly client meetings allow the My IT staff to work through individual needs for each of their clients, making the recovery process simpler every time.