3 simple ways to improve client retention

| By: Craig Fulton

To set your business up for long-term success, you need to win and retain long-term clients. And the key to client retention is making sure your clients perceive you as a trusted adviser who is vital to the success of their business–not just a technology company they could cut ties with at any time.

Ready to learn how to improve retention rates so you can maximize each client’s lifetime profitability?

Read on, and you’ll discover three easy ways technology solution providers can keep their best clients around for the long haul.

Create service delivery standards

Customer service is important to your clients–especially when they’re working with someone who manages their technology and helps keep them profitable and productive.

So, make sure you consistently prioritize providing excellent customer service by creating and sticking to a set of service delivery standards.

Start by building a knowledge base your technicians can easily reference to address client issues. Doing this will ensure that issues can be resolved quickly.

Also, create standard service level agreements, and make sure you explain them in detail to your clients and employees. That way, you set reasonable expectations with clients and help your technicians succeed at consistently meeting (or exceeding!) those expectations.

Use automation tools

Automation allows you to deliver your service faster, which makes your clients more confident in your value to their business and less likely to end their business relationship with you.

Let’s talk about an example of how automation tools might benefit you and your clients.

You’ve brought a new client on board who has high expectations for customer service. Before they’re even aware there’s a problem, your remote monitoring and management (RMM) tool has alerted you to the issue, and you’ve proactively handled it without disrupting their day.

See how that works? By implementing one automation tool, you can make your clients much happier with your service.

Stay in front of your clients

Automation tools are great for boosting efficiency, but you should still remain in regular contact with your clients. The best way to do this is to schedule quarterly reviews that demonstrate your long-term value to their business and solidify your role as their trusted technology adviser. And don’t stop there!

Here are some other ways to stay in touch and build rapport:

  • Recognize your service anniversary
  • Send a birthday card
  • Remind clients of upcoming renewal dates
  • Share tips and technology knowledge
  • Follow up with clients after you solve a problem for them

Remember, the customer service you provide can be a determining factor in whether or not a client decides to continue doing business with you. If you want to stay profitable as an “as-a-service” business, making clients happy and keeping them around long-term should always be at the forefront of your mind.