Think about the last time you dined out with your family, and there was a waiter that was attentive the moment he took your order to the end of the evening when he collected your payment. He definitely didn’t scrimp on the bottomless bread basket, and you took notice and tipped well!

Are you striving for stellar customer service? Would you describe the way you manage customer support as scalable? How can you offer round-the-clock service for clients without exhausting your limited staff, time and resources?

Smart-Sourcing Your Help Desk Service










What is smart-sourcing?

Have you considered outsourcing, or as we like to call it – smart-sourcing, your IT help desk? One-third of companies like yours already are! Through smart-sourcing, you’re able to cherry pick the most expensive and least productive aspects of your business to offload onto another provider. I know your techs will miss those high octane tasks like recovering lost passwords or resolving login failures, but think about how you can better leverage their talents to grow your MSP business.

FAQs & Common Objections

  • How is smart-sourcing different than outsourcing?

Answer: Did you roll your eyes interpreting “outsourcing” as an “all in,” non-negotiable contract in which you, as MSP business owners, are unable to control which core business functions you send overseas? Well, of course this has you anxious. This isn’t what we’re suggesting. Think of smart-sourcing as a newer take on outsourcing, one that won’t leave you in the dark. With this new model, your technicians are empowered to pick which tasks or activities are offloaded to someone else. Also, working alongside your smart-sourced help desk, you are able to ensure your end clients receive exceptional service. These help desk techs are not an opposing, unknown force, but an extension of your existing staff, a true partnership.

  • “I don’t want to miss the opportunity to build relationships with clients. This is time I can cross-sell/up-sell them on other services.”

Answer: No one wants that. In fact, most successful MSPs are business advisors to their clients. Almost 30% of managed services providers who leverage a smart-sourced help desk do so to strengthen relationships with customers. There’s higher monthly recurring revenue (MRR) in crafting a business plan for long-term client success, rather than killing cycles trying to get customers into their Outlook and other menial tasks. Don’t you want stickier clients?

  • “If customer service is so important for brand loyalty, should I really charge complete strangers with that responsibility? Moreover, I don’t want my clients speaking with someone in another country.”

Answer: Look for a white label solution! Then, your end clients will think it’s you delivering superior customer service. Make sure you select a HIPAA-compliant team of highly trained and certified technicians to ask as an extension of your staff! There are plenty of domestic call centers as well. You can outsource your help desk and still remain in the same time zone!

Cut Costs, Not Staff

Better allocate your employees’ talents to higher value projects that employ their skills by adopting the smart-sourced model! Do not whatsoever fire your techs. Give them more responsibilities! I’m sure they could use the night off. Schedule the hours you’ll hand off. Maybe smart-sourcing 6pm-8am desk coverage is best for you. Then, your staff doesn’t have to worry about intercepting that 2 am crisis call from a client. Employee turnover will be nothing but a bad dream. Don’t want to smart-source tech support for all clients? You can hand-select which customers are covered!

Similarly, you don’t have to pay to staff techs through the night. Want to save $194,500 as an MSP this Year? By outsourcing, AKA smart-sourcing, your help desk, you cut out unnecessary costs, like benefits and overhead, which your business can’t afford to incur.

Receiving the Customer Support You Need to Optimize Service Delivery

With our SaaS platform, Continuum Managed Services, LLC enables MSPs to efficiently backup, monitor, troubleshoot and maintain clients’ desktops, servers, mobile devices and other endpoints from a single pane of glass. Our Pennsylvania-based Service Desk is your smart-sourced help desk solution! As an extension of our unique integrated RMM platform, Service Desk is backed by our industry-leading network operations center (NOC), a team of 520 technicians that actively monitor client infrastructure, resolving 90% of alerts. Our NOC provides the technical support you need, 24x7x365. That’s some customer service!

Our domestic smart-sourced help desk solution, Service Desk, looks after for your clients in the same way that the NOC looks after you. Click here to request a Service Desk consultation!

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