Ingenuity never sleeps at ConnectWise! We know just how important speed and efficiency are to your business and with the latest release of ConnectWise 2016.6, those features are just the tip of the iceberg.

Added customization features, scheduling improvements, and more, are all available at your fingertips with our newest release. Get your scrolling finger ready as we dive in to the latest features for your reading pleasure.

Save Time with Improved Scheduling

Quickly assign teams to a service ticket by easily selecting multiple members at the same time. Do you need to reschedule a ticket? The search-and-select option gives you the ability to reschedule multiple resources with ease. This saves you time by letting you eliminate needless steps so you can handle other tasks.

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See the ConnectWise 2016.6 Demo

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Customize Your Knowledge Base Articles

The new user interface for ConnectWise 2016.6 allows you to customize your Knowledge Base articles, which handily enough, are now accessible from your browser window. We’ve included the ability to add tables, bullet lists, and links to different websites. You can even change fonts, colors, and edit using HTML.

CloudConsole™ Now Supports Microsoft® Azure™

With the ConnectWise 2016.6 comes a major announcement about ConnectWise CloudConsole. Profitably support Microsoft® Office 365™ and now, proactively manage, monitor, and automate Microsoft Azure billing. It just keeps getting better and better, doesn’t it?

Correct Batch Mistakes

Making mistakes isn’t fun. Making mistakes in a batched invoice is even less fun. With the newest release, correcting mistakes on batched invoices is now a piece of cake. Edit entries with ease and unbatch individual invoices if you need to.

No more worrying about deleting your hard work or sending out a support ticket for corrections–ConnectWise 2016.6 has got you covered!

Stop Time Waste with New Stopwatch

Improve billing accuracy and eliminate the guesswork in one fell swoop with the new stopwatch, another awesome feature of ConnectWise 2016.6. You can easily and accurately track time to multiple tickets, quite possibly giving you the distinct edge in your bid for multitasking supremacy!

We’re confident you’ll love ConnectWise 2016.6. With improved speed, unmatched efficiency, and the newest gizmos and gadgets to get the job done, you’ll finally have the time to work on whatever pet projects you’ve been keeping on the back burner.

See The Demo!

Like any proud parent, we’re keen on showing off what ConnectWise 2016.6 can do. Join us for the webinar on Thursday, September 29 at 11:00 AM and we’ll demo the new enhancements we’ve discussed above, and more.

Watch the ConnectWise 2016.6 Demo

Join us for the webinar on September 29 at 11 AM as we demo ConnectWise 2016.6!

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Watch the ConnectWise 2016.6 Demo

Join us for the webinar on September 29 at 11 AM as we demo ConnectWise 2016.6!

Register for the Webinar
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