What to expect at IT Nation Share

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Our Q2 IT Nation Share events are right around the corner. Since we’re getting closer, we’d like to introduce you to the team that makes these events what they are—awesome.

Lisa Desimine, Community Specialist

Meet Lisa, our Community Specialist. In this role, Lisa plans the content for each event with assistance from our Education team, recruits speakers, assigns resources, and acts as the IT Nation Share facilitator liaison. In Q2, she’ll be attending our Melbourne and Auckland events.

Lisa is extremely passionate about IT Nation Share and wants you to know that they’ll be bringing ConnectWise Automate® content back this quarter and that partners will learn how to utilize both ConnectWise Automate and ConnectWise Manage® to make their service delivery more efficient.

IT Nation Share Q2 will be a little different than Q1, and Lisa knows it’s going to be great. “Our content is all around your service structure and how to develop it, and we’re trying to continue the story from Q1,” she shared. “Last quarter you heard about how to set up and build your practice area. Now that you have that established, we’ll be teaching you how to set up your service delivery teams.”

Lisa is extremely excited about their partner led session titled ‘Common Problems Service Managers Face.’ She thinks this session is going to be a home run and is not only excited to hear what partners think about it, but also to hear the conversations that will get started from this session.

One thing Lisa would like attendees to keep in mind is how important it is to take advantage of their happy hour and dinner the night before the event. “It’s such a great opportunity to not only get one-on-one face time with ConnectWise colleagues, but more importantly your peers,” she mentioned with a smile.

Lastly, Lisa would like our partners to know that IT Nation Share events are the best place for new partners, existing partners who are looking for additional product training, and for anyone who wants to get face time with their account manager or anyone from ConnectWise. “By attending, you’re becoming part of a great micro-community within the overall IT Nation Community, a place where you can meet other partners and see familiar faces when attending other ConnectWise events. Plus, there’s no cost to attend an IT Nation Share meeting!”

Brittney Bacon, Community Specialist

Brittney, another Community Specialist on the team, primarily works on the logistics aspect of IT Nation Share events, including dates, locations, hotels, and audio-visual. She is also responsible for the budget and travels to at least three IT Nation Share events a quarter. This time, she’ll be traveling to Newark, San Francisco, and Seattle.

While last quarter the events offered insight into building new practice areas, Brittney is happy to report that this quarter partners will be able to take what they learned and expand on it to develop a service structure around their new practice area. “We have subject matter experts that will deliver thought-provoking sessions, giving partners the opportunity to take home tangible practices and skills,” she shared.

Brittney explained that this quarter’s IT Nation Share will be a little different than last quarter because they’re switching up locations to give our partners who live in different areas the ability to attend other events. For example, they’ll be going to Nashville for the Southern Comfort user group and San Francisco for the After Shock user group.

Brittney thinks this will benefit partners who can’t normally attend because they’re outside the perimeters of the event locations. Switching up locations gives them the chance to experience a user group!

She’s very excited for their lab sessions and the overall content theme of developing a service structure. We asked Brittney what advice she would give to partners, and she happily shared how important it is to register early and book your hotel room. She wants you to keep in mind that they have room blocks set up with the hotels for each event, but availability is on a first-come, first-serve basis and cut-off dates come fast.

Brittney can’t wait to see all the partners who plan to attend their IT Nation Share Q2 event!

Andre Gilmore, Director of Partner Success

Andre is the Director of Partner Success and Program Director for IT Nation Share. He’ll be attending the Houston and Nashville events this quarter, and maybe a few others!

Andre believes that each IT Nation Share user group is a great opportunity for partners to connect with peers in their area. He’s excited that they’re changing things up at the event this quarter and shared with us that partners can now expect service delivery content and training. He believes this is extremely beneficial because it provides their partners with a great selection of sessions that can help train the core of their business.

Andre loves that these events offer our partners can’t-miss product knowledge and leadership training, and if there’s one thing Andre could recommend all partners do at the event, it’s attend the networking dinner. According to Andre, this is their chance to take away one great idea and implement it into their business.

Andre can’t wait for this quarter’s IT Nation Share, and is looking forward to meeting as many of you as he can!