What to expect at IT Nation Connect 2019

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Corie Leaman

IT Nation Connect 2019 is less than a week away! We’re all gearing up for an exclusive experience chock full of engaging keynotes, exciting networking events, and exclusive business insight—and we can’t wait for you to join us in Orlando!

To help you prepare for the event, we’ve gathered some advice from some of the IT Nation Team on how you can make the most out of your IT Nation Connect 2019 experience.

Advice from The IT Nation Team
Andrea Stephens, IT Nation Senior Event Manager

Andrea Stephens is our IT Nation Senior Event Manager, and this will be her fourth year attending IT Nation Connect. She’s responsible for event hotel logistics such as food and beverage, space planning, and layouts, networking events, the mobile app, and anything else that gets thrown her way.

Andrea wants everyone to know about the can’t-miss events she’s most excited for! She says, “I am REALLY excited for the opening keynote on Wednesday as well as the newly added Customer Success Bar!”

She highly encourages everyone to network, learn, and most importantly, have fun. Her favorite IT Nation Connect memories are of the dance parties, and she can’t wait to see you out on the dance floor!

Erin Bill, Solution Partner Event Manager

Erin Bill is the Solution Partner Event Manager, and she is responsible for making sure all of our solution partners have what they need to be successful and make the most out of their time at IT Nation Connect. She highly recommends all our attendees check out the Solutions Pavilion.

According to Erin, “We have an amazing list of exhibitors this year. There will be something for everyone—and don’t forget about the Solutions Pavilion Pub Crawl and Trick or Treat!”

This will be her first year attending IT Nation Connect, and she is so excited meet all the Solution Partners in person and make new memories.

Corie Leaman, Director, IT Nation Events

Corie Leaman is the Director of The IT Nation Events and leads the team responsible for the strategy and execution of all of IT Nation Connect. She absolutely love chatting with attendees about their experiences—and she’d love it if you found her at the event to chat!

Even though this will be her eighth year attending IT Nation Connect, she is particularly excited about this year and recommends that everyone attend Daniel Pink’s keynote on Friday. Corie says, “I’ve been watching his TED Talks on YouTube and he’s an interesting, funny, provocative speaker that I think will be one of our best. He’s also signing books in the Solutions Pavilion after his talk, so attendees will have a chance to actually meet him which is always a treat.”

She definitely encourages all attendees to engage in the social networking events. Her absolute favorite IT Nation Connect memory was the Spazmatics party at the House of Blues. She says, “Hundreds of my best IT friends rocking out to live 80’s covers? SO. MUCH. FUN.”

Paige Miller, IT Nation Senior Event Manager

Last but not least, Paige Miller is the IT Nation Senior Event Manager, and she’s responsible for managing all of the breakout session content and the wonderful speakers.

She says the one can’t-miss thing partners should know about the event this year is that there are four mainstage keynotes this year, which is more than ever before. She is excited for ALL of them—and you should be too!

This will be her third year attending IT Nation Connect, but her favorite memory was her first event (IT Nation 2017). Paige says, “I had been working for months on the event, but I had never actually been. Seeing all of the hard work come together, and our attendees starting to arrive on day one was awesome!”

Our entire IT Nation team can’t wait to see everyone at the exciting keynotes and events this year has to offer!

Tips for a successful IT Nation Connect 2019

In addition to providing insight into what we’re excited about going into IT Nation Connect, we’re here to help you plan your event every step of the way—from packing to on-site tips to presenting what you learned to your team.

  • Download the mobile app: Our mobile app is the best way to find sessions and navigate everything IT Nation Connect. Be sure to enable push notifications to receive live updates on-site!
  • Plan Breakout Sessions: Plan ahead and pick a track that best suits you. Remember, sessions are first come, first serve—so having a backup plan may come in handy!
  • Pack for success: We recommend casual attire, light layers, and comfortable shoes.
  • Head to registration: Head to registration first to pick up your badge and ask any questions you may have about the conference.
  • First Timers Orientation: First time attending? Get the download in Orlando L on Wednesday, October 30 at 3:00pm!
  • Network: We have plenty of networking opportunities available to you! Get out of your comfort zone and meet people—you never know where a simple new connection might lead!
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help: Look for signs that say “Need Help? Ask Me!” We’re here for you!
  • Follow through with connections: Take your time and let it all soak in—but don’t lose touch with those valuable new connections! Add them on LinkedIn or connect via email.
  • Lead an IT Nation Connect debrief: Plan with your company how you want to implement everything you learned at IT Nation Connect.
  • Implement what you’ve learned: We recommend choosing the top three ideas you want to commit to in your business over the next six months.

Did you find this information useful? Check out our complete planning guide for IT Nation Connect 2019. We can’t wait to see you next week!