Valuable business benchmarking information available to IT Nation Connect attendees

| By:
Pete Sorensen

ConnectWise is proud to announce that all three-day attendees of IT Nation Connect 2019 will receive a Confidential Service Leadership Index® (S-L Index™) Fundamentals Diagnostic Report™ (FDR™) Benchmark—a nearly $2,200 value, available at no cost to attendees.

What information is available in the report?

The Confidential S-L Index™ Fundamentals Diagnostic Report™ measures your company’s health by comparing your business performance to the top quartile solution providers in your same business model. The report breaks this information down in two, easy-to-digest parts:

  1. Financial Performance Benchmark: Compares your company to the top quartile in your Predominant Business Model™ (PBM™) and to the industry average by examining 17 critical profitability metrics. These metrics include:
    • Gross margin by line of business
    • Sales
    • Marketing
    • General and administrative costs
    • EBITDA % adjusted for fair market owner compensation
  2. Operational Maturity Level™ (OML™) Analysis and Recommendations: Provides a suggested path for progressing in seven key operational methods. This allows you to tailor your business operation strategy to implement the same methodology as top quartile companies, helping you drive profitability and success.

See a sample of the FDR™ Benchmark all full-conference IT Nation Connect attendees will receive.

Is the information on the benchmark confidential?

Yes! Service Leadership is a globally trusted entity that protects thousands of solution providers’ information each year. Your company’s specific data is kept completely confidential, and no individual data from any company is released to any other entity. When you register, you will receive a mutual confidentiality agreement between you and Service Leadership. All individual results are kept confidential and ConnectWise will not receive access to individual company data.

Learn more about Service Leadership’s principals.

How does the benchmark benefit my business?

The FDR™ Benchmark report is a powerful tool designed to make IT Nation Connect a valuable learning experience for attendees.

Not only will the individual benchmark help you identify areas of your business you can improve upon, but it can also provide insight on how to kickstart improvements in these areas. This is unique to the FDR™ Benchmark, as the majority of benchmarking reports do not provide insight for improvement. Attendees who receive this benchmark will be able to use it to help them determine which sessions at IT Nation Connect will be the most impactful for their business’s long-term success—even after they return to the office.

How do I participate?

ConnectWise is providing the S-L Index™ FDR™ at no cost to registered three-day attendees of IT Nation Connect 2019. After registering for IT Nation Connect, attendees will receive an email with instructions on how to submit their company's information to Service Leadership.

Once you are registered as a three-day attendee, you’ll want to first gather your financial data for the past 12 months. You must enter your financial data into Service Leadership’s secure system before October 7. Service Leadership suggests the report be filled out by either the CEO or CFO at the company, and it only takes about 30 minutes. One report is offered per each company registered for IT Nation Connect 2019.

Service Leadership will then process your data and deliver your S-L Index™ FDR™ Benchmark back to you between October 8 and October 11, so you will have the benchmark readily available to you for the entire length of the conference.

What are the other benefits of attending IT Nation Connect?

The S-L Index™ FDR™ is just a small portion of the benefits of attending IT Nation Connect this year. IT Nation Connect is the premier industry event for IT professionals to get hands-on business insight and meet like-minded individuals. Some of the exclusive benefits of attending IT Nation Connect 2019 include:

  • Over 100 breakout sessions designed to help your business find success
  • Insight from industry experts on current trends and changes in the IT industry
  • Opportunities to network and make deals with fellow business owners
  • Exclusive events, parties, and meet-ups
  • Over 100 vendors to connect with

Join us in Orlando, Florida, October 30 – November 1 for IT Nation Connect 2019 to grow your business and find long-term success.