Stop marketing to other IT companies

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Does your company’s website list all of your fancy certifications, along with countless acronyms and abbreviations that you might not even remember the meaning of? Does it have the technical jargon that only another certified IT professional would understand? You probably have a services page with lengthy explanations about virtualization, the cloud, and your offered managed services. You might even have a menu bar with endless dropdowns and separate pages for each of your solutions listing long-winded technical descriptions of SIP trunking, backup, redundancy, switches…or some other technical mumbo-jumbo that only IT guys really understand.

Are you selling your IT services to other IT guys?

If not, then why are you creating websites that are geared towards them? Your ideal customer – the business owner, the executive, the doctor, the baker, the candlestick maker – rarely understand or truly value the technology behind the services you offer. Their eyes start glazing over as soon as you start throwing your industry-specific terms around. All they want to know is how you’re different and how your company can help them.

Showcase your unique value proposition

Your potential clients are aware of their problems. They know their offices aren’t running as efficiently as they’d like and they know they can’t run a profitable business if their network is down. Your customer may understand their problems, but they’re not jumping on Google to research “Unified Communications”. If they did, they’d find the answer to improving their customer service inefficiencies. It’s important to showcase how your company solves their pain points and, most importantly, how it does it better than your competitors. Remember to promote your company culture, tone down the technical speak, and address what your customers are really looking for.

Gain MSP leads from all marketing efforts

It’s possible to achieve MSP leads, but describing your services and pushing them as products doesn’t work. For example, if you want to sell more IT support contracts or custom design infrastructure for hotels, or perhaps set up wireless networks in schools – you need to create marketing assets that specifically address your customer’s problems. Instead of listing your services, use your website to show your target customer that you are equipped with the solutions to solve their technology problems.

We believe that if you truly want your marketing to work for you, then you need to make it about your company and its story - not just about what works and what doesn’t. While marketing trends change over time, your company history remains. Remember your roots, find your story, and build your business.

Some of our clients think we’re crazy when we make these changes to their website… until they start getting leads.

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