Meet Your IT Nation Share team!

| By:
Pete Sorensen

Before the first IT Nation Share event begins February 6, we wanted to introduce you to the team who makes it all happen. Learn a little bit more about Lisa, Brittney, and Andre—and be sure to say hi to them at our user groups!

Lisa Desimine, Community Specialist

Lisa has been a part of ConnectWise and the IT Nation Share team for one year. As a Community Specialist, she helps plan the content for each event, recruit speakers, and coordinate colleague resources. Lisa is also our IT Nation Share facilitator liaison. She has her hands full to say the least!

For Q1, Lisa will be at the Dallas, Orange County, and Seattle IT Nation Share events. This year, our partners can expect more content on ConnectWise products and product training, as well as an interactive leadership session presented virtually by Dr. Larry Little. Attendees will still experience tons of networking opportunities, as well as time to connect with Account Managers and other ConnectWise colleagues.

Lisa wants partners to know that for the first time, we’ve incorporated a virtual breakout session into the agenda. This change adds tremendous value in terms of what our partners can get out of user groups. She’s also excited to bring ConnectWise Automate® training sessions into the mix.

But the changes don’t end there! Lisa is also ecstatic about the Partner Matching Program that was rolled out in Q3 of last year. This program pairs a first-time attendee with an IT Nation Share ‘Guru’ and helps alleviate any newcomer’s nerves.

Lisa loves the magic of getting partners together in one room and hearing the ideas and advice that gets shared between partners. Seeing the connections being made really solidifies why we do what we do.

One of our core values here at ConnectWise is “Your voice, your company,” and we want to take this same methodology and apply it to our IT Nation Share events. Lisa encourages attendees to make sure they complete the post-event survey as the survey results are used to craft our future events. If there’s something partners like or want to see differently in the future, we want to know!

Andre Gilmore, Director of Partner Success

Andre is our Director of Partner Success and Director of the IT Nation Share program. He’s been with ConnectWise for five years and usually attends at least two events every quarter.

At IT Nation Share this year, Andre is excited that our partners will have different content options aimed at driving success, and he can’t stress enough just how much fun, networking, and business and product training comes out of this event.

Andre is especially excited about our energetic team that’s dedicated to partner success. He loves the partner networking that takes place at IT Nation Share and how attendees learn from one another in a non-competitive environment.

Andre wants all partners to make sure they attend the networking dinner prior to the event. It’s a great way to meet new partners and share ideas. He’s extremely excited to be a part of the IT Nation Share team and is looking forward to an exciting year ahead.

Brittney Bacon, Community Specialist

Brittney is one of our Community Specialists here at ConnectWise and has been with the company for one year. Brittney works directly with the hotel venues and manages all logistics before, during, and after the event.

This quarter, she’ll be traveling to London, Denver, Philadelphia, and Toronto, and wants all partners to know they can expect exciting new changes to our agenda. While trying not to give away too much, she wants partners to know that these changes will allow the day to flow much better, and that we’ll have leadership sessions that will help grow their business.

Brittney believes IT Nation Share is all about passing the torch back to our partners. She wants them to have a helping hand in our events, and give them an experience like no other. Connecting with others at events like IT Nation Share allows partners to take control of their success.

For Brittney, IT Nation Share is all about the partners. Every time she goes to an event and sees partners volunteer to be a speaker or be part of our partner panel, it reminds her how passionate they are about The IT Nation community, ConnectWise, and their regional user group. You not only gain action items and ideas from this event that you can implement tomorrow, but you also build lifelong friendships.

Brittney wants attendees to know that if you’re new to IT Nation Share and nervous about attending, you can join our Partner Matching Program. It’s a great way to branch out, meet new people, and get paired with an IT Nation “Guru” that will guide you throughout the day.

With all these exciting changes ahead, our team is ready to hit the road and make the first IT Nation Share event a success for all our partners. Will you be joining us this quarter?