Meet your IT Nation team!

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Corie Leaman

Before you head to IT Nation 2018, get to know a few of the people working behind the scenes to make this year’s event the best one yet.

Paige Miller, Community Specialist

Paige Miller is one of our Community Specialists. She has been with ConnectWise for a year and a half. Before joining ConnectWise, Paige worked for a managed service provider (MSP) and reseller out of South Florida.

She is responsible for all things sessions at IT Nation. So, if you enjoy all the content, speakers, and breakout rooms, you can thank Paige! She will also be working with all the ConnectWise colleagues that will be at IT Nation to make sure they are available to answer any questions you have during the event.

Paige has attended two other IT Nations prior to this year’s, and she’s loved each one. One of Paige’s favorite things about IT Nation is seeing the ‘Aha’ moments that come to our partners, whether they are in a session, watching a keynote, or even while eating lunch and networking with peers. There is no shortage of opportunities to learn something new at IT Nation.

Every IT Nation is someone’s first one, and Paige can’t wait to meet all the new partners and first-time attendees. She also can’t wait to dance with Walk the Moon at SeaWorld! Along with all the information attendees will gather during IT Nation, Paige is hoping that everyone meets someone who they add to their lifelong peer network.

She wants everyone to come to IT Nation ready to truly connect with peers and share knowledge and experiences. “The amount of actionable items you can take back to the office just by interacting with others is endless,” she says. “And don’t forget to fill out your breakout session surveys!”

Danielle Coquyt, Community Specialist

Danielle Coquyt is also one of our Community Specialists. She has been with ConnectWise for a year and a half.

Danielle is our exhibitor liaison, making sure everything on the floor is running smoothly. She also oversees all the PowerPoint presentations that are shown during IT Nation. This will be Danielle’s third IT Nation event.

Her favorite thing about IT Nation is seeing the Solutions Pavilion come to life. This starts with the Freeman build at 8:00am and goes until the final session. While she can’t give away any secrets, Danielle is very excited for all the surprises we have in store for our attendees this year. She won’t forget to stop by the puppy lounge provided by Arctic Wolf Networks!

IT Nation is all about building your business. To achieve that, Danielle wants attendees to push themselves out of their comfort zones. Business growth doesn’t just happen while you’re sitting around, so she’s really looking forward to seeing partners talk with each other and share experiences to help one another succeed. A great way to do this is to attend the parties and social events throughout IT Nation. “Although it might seem daunting to go to something like this by yourself,” Danielle says, “we’re all in this together, as a community, and it’s guaranteed to be a great time.”

IT Nation is a big event with sessions and talks happening throughout each day. It can get a little overwhelming if it’s your first time attending. Danielle can’t stress enough how useful the IT Nation Events app is. It has the answers to all your IT Nation questions.

Andrea Stephens, Senior Community Specialist

Andrea Stephens is our Senior Community Specialist. She has been with ConnectWise for two and a half years. Before ConnectWise, Andrea did PR and events at Neiman Marcus.

She is responsible for all things logistic—including food, room set-ups, and internet—networking events, the Hosted Guest program, and anything that the ConnectWise team needs help with. This will be Andrea’s eighth Nations event! It’s safe to say she knows what it takes to make IT Nation successful.

Andrea loves to see the ConnectWise vision come to life—whether it’s the main stage with keynotes or the fun activities around the event. She also likes seeing our partners interact with each other on business and personal levels. “IT Nation really is its own community within the industry,” Andrea says. She is looking forward to seeing some of the new activities ConnectWise has in store for this year’s attendees. Oh, and don’t forget about the free concert!

Andrea hopes that attendees take in all that IT Nation has to offer and are able to take away better business practices and ideas. There will be so many opportunities to interact with peers and thought leaders while at the event. She also hopes that attendees make new friends they are able to connect with for years to come.

Like Danielle, Andrea advises all attendees to use the mobile app, and to play around in it before it goes live. Almost everything you will need to know will be in it somewhere.

Corie Elizabeth Leaman, Director of IT Nation Events

Corie Leaman is our Director of IT Nation Events. She has been with the ConnectWise community team for seven years. She has done a little bit of everything—tradeshows, user groups, and all of the IT Nation events—and can’t see herself doing anything else. Lucky us!

Corie is responsible for leading the team of four amazing colleagues that work on the IT Nation events all year long. She’s also responsible for the high-level vision for all of the events and is the champion for that vision with the ConnectWise executive team. Corie has attended 14 Nations events prior to this year’s!

There are two things Corie enjoys most about IT Nation. The first is seeing the culmination of all the hard work and passion that goes into putting an event like IT Nation together. She’s so proud of her team. The other is watching the connections that are made during the event. Partners will meet, exchange information, and develop a long-term business relationship—exactly what IT Nation was started for.

As Corie points out, this is an exciting year for IT Nation as it transitions to an open-industry event. Partners should be just as excited to see what’s in store this year!

There’s a lot going on at IT Nation. Corie suggests all attendees should have a game plan before you get to Orlando. “Take some time to choose a couple of breakouts you might want to attend each round,” she says. Be open and introduce yourself to other attendees. There’s a lot of time between sessions, during meals, and at the networking events to socialize and get to know other members of The IT Nation.

If this will be your first IT Nation, be sure to attend Corie’s First-Timers Orientation on Wednesday, November 7 at 3pm. It’s going to be packed with great info about the event, and you’ll have a chance to meet other first timers. Information about this session and more can be found in the IT Nation Events mobile app.

If you see Corie during the event, say hi! She loves meeting partners and hearing their feedback.

We’re so excited to see you in Orlando this week! Get ready for an amazing IT Nation experience.