IT Nation Share: Kickstart 2021 with ConnectWise solution product training

| By:
Susan Rhodes and Lisa Desimine

Exactly one year ago we were kicking off our regional in-person IT Nation Share user group meetings in cities all over the globe. Flash back to reality and here we are in the beginning of 2021 where the current climate of the world continues to challenge us with the limitations of being in a virtual setting. Although each day is looking brighter and there is a light at the end of the tunnel our IT Nation community must continue to share and educate each other as we all work to keep the world up and running with the most current technology.

What is IT Nation Share?

ConnectWise provides various opportunities throughout the year for the IT Nation community to connect, collaborate and grow. The IT Nation Share user group meetings are a great way for technology solution providers working in ConnectWise products to hear what other partners are doing to best utilize their ConnectWise solutions. In addition, members gain access to the ConnectWise University where partners can access product training, documentation, certifications, and more. It is an opportunity to experience live virtual product training, networking with peers and interacting with ConnectWise product experts.

What are some of the benefits of IT Nation Share?

Strengthening product usage and adoption – The more you understand how to use your ConnectWise solutions that your business runs on, the more likely you are to see increases in business efficiency.

Integrations between ConnectWise solutions – Whether you are using one or a few of the ConnectWise solutions we often provide sessions demonstrating the power of the integrations within your tool set.

Networking – We know ConnectWise doesn’t have all the knowledge and IT Nation Share creates a way for partners to connect and share knowledge with each other. When we return to in-person meetings this is one of the most impactful benefits of attending IT Nation Share meetings.

Insights and updates from ConnectWise – This is an opportunity for ConnectWise partners to hear the latest updates on ConnectWise products including the latest releases. You can also learn more about additional ways to engage in the IT Nation community.

Hear from 3rd party certified integrated solution providers – There are over a hundred solutions that integrate into the ConnectWise platform. Each quarter a few of these certified integrators sponsor and participate in the meetings to share about their products.

What will be covered in IT Nation Share this quarter?

Business intelligence focus:

We want to help ConnectWise partners succeed in 2021 by using the data, reporting and automation built into the ConnectWise products you are already using. We want to enable you to make better decisions with the business intelligence available at your fingertips.

ConnectWise product training sessions:

  • Using ConnectWise Manage, partners can better understand where your company’s profitability is trending with the help of ConnectWise Manage reports. Attendees can also access a free ConnectWise Manage Sales Certification. ($295 value) We’ll cover one module of the certification as a breakout session “Reviewing Sales Team Effectiveness.” Partners can complete the remainder online at their own convenience. Attendance is required to access the certification at no cost.
  • Using ConnectWise Automate, partners can learn how to harness the power of the Report Center. We will cover how to go beyond the out of the box reports and create your own in the Report Designer.
  • Using BrightGauge, a ConnectWise solution, partners can learn how to get the most out of your dashboards to help you make sharper decisions.
  • “You Ask We Train” is a one-hour interactive session where partners provide questions or problems ahead of time. The IT Nation Share partner facilitators and the ConnectWise product training leaders supply the resources to demo the answers, live.
  • Attendees of our Cybersecurity focused IT Nation Share meetings will receive training on security management solutions such as ConnectWise Identify, ConnectWise Fortify Endpoint, Perch, Stratozen and much more including a security panel from ConnectWise cybersecurity product experts.

What outcomes are we helping ConnectWise partners achieve through IT Nation Share?

Navigating out of muscle and feel thinking- The breakout sessions offered this quarter will demonstrate how you and your team can start using data driven decision making in your business.

Improve your efficiency- Partner feedback always tells us that the tips and tricks learned from IT Nation Share meetings make your lives so much easier when it comes to business management. We want that for all our partners!

Learning from your peers- Whether it’s during a breakout presented by a partner or exchanging knowledge in the chat, shared insights can create lasting impacts that might end up turning hours of your day into minutes.

Relationship building - Whether it’s meeting a new partner in your time zone or engaging with a ConnectWise colleague, IT Nation Share meetings help connect you to the right people in a collaborative environment.

We hope to see you soon IT Nation

While counting down the days until we can be in person again, we’re also embracing the opportunities virtual meetings provide by connecting with more partners than ever before. So, when you logon for your IT Nation Share meeting this month, make the most of it by networking in the chat, speak up and get involved. You never know what ah-ha moments you may encounter or how a new relationship can positively change your business!