IT Nation Connect 2019: what’s next?

| By: Jason Magee

Just three weeks ago, I opened IT Nation Connect 2019 with the announcement we acquired Continuum® and ITBoost®, as well as formed a strategic partnership with Webinfinity. While we are currently developing our plans to operate as a combined company, we would like to share some of our thoughts about bringing these great organizations together.

The combination of ConnectWise, Continuum, and ITBoost is a key component in advancing and fulfilling the long-term vision of all three companies. In tandem with Continuum's efforts, ConnectWise is in the process of enabling VARs, MSPs, and TSPs to dramatically improve their operational efficiency and deliver more advanced revenue-generating services to clients.

Driving market forces—most notably cybersecurity and a widening skills gap—are placing us on parallel and highly compatible paths, and now ConnectWise will provide a vital beachhead through which we can deliver a robust and integrated platform experience.


As TSPs struggle to find, afford, and retain the talent needed to effectively manage today’s complex and risk-prone SMB environments, the integration of ConnectWise’s best-in-class technology capabilities with Continuum's cybersecurity solutions and expert services teams will provide a unique and powerful solution that supports both front- and back-office operations at scale.

With both TSPs and their clients in the crosshairs of ransomware, phishing, and other attack types, foundational protections like anti-virus programs and firewalls are simply no longer enough. The combined ConnectWise platform enables TSPs to adopt a more advanced, holistic, and integrated approach to solve this problem. Leveraging advanced SIEM, ticketing, and managed detection and response capabilities—backed by 24/7/365 SOC operations—solution providers can manage the entire security conversation and supply chain with their customers.

Bridging the skills gap

While struggling to find talent is not a new problem TSPs are facing, many business owners are discovering there is a large talent gap in the field of cybersecurity, leaving TSPs wondering if they have the right team to protect their end users. There is an estimated three million-plus shortfall of talent in the cybersecurity field—and that gap is expected to increase by 2021.

Through Continuum’s cybersecurity offerings, TSPs can leverage features like login and Office 365 monitoring, dark web scanning, and SOC-supported cybersecurity for their own internal environments.

The power of joining forces

What’s more, our new organization's combined automation, business intelligence and predictive analytic capabilities will enable TSPs to much more effectively filter, analyze, and drive action based on the increasing volumes of data flowing into their systems on a daily basis.

The combined portfolio provides the most complete technology and services platform in the industry that supports the entire IT supply chain. With turnkey resources and solutions, a high-touch customer engagement model, an open ecosystem of integrations, and training and enablement resources, TSPs will be empowered to differentiate themselves from competitors and drive profitable, long-term growth in their businesses.

What’s next for you?

To all our IT Nation Connect attendees, we want to ensure you’re doing your part to put those great ideas you learned at IT Nation Connect into action. If you made any new business contacts, have you followed up with them after the event? Our partners consistently rave about the quality of connections they meet at our events – but are you keeping those relationships active?

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with too many ideas after one of these events. We always recommend prioritizing your top three items to implement, then discussing with your team how you can bring these ideas to life. What are some changes you and your team can make immediately to help you march toward your end goal? What plans do you need to establish now to see more change 90 days from now?

We also provided several great resources for our attendees that you’ve hopefully leveraged by now. Have you accessed the content you received in the virtual pass portal? Our IT Nation Connect conference attendees received the ability to access several of our key breakout sessions, and this information is available on demand for up to a year. Finally, we partnered with Service Leadership Inc. to offer attendees the ability to benchmark their company for free. Submit your company’s information by November 25 to receive your complimentary Service Leadership Index® Fundamental Diagnostic Report™ Benchmark, which will show how your company compares against Best-in-Class MSPs.

At ConnectWise, we’re continuing to move forward to bring you an unrivaled experience, thanks to both the technology platform we’re creating and the community of IT professionals that surrounds us. We look forward to sharing the new developments that continue to come from our combined efforts.