Introducing our 2017 IT Nation Partner Award winners

| By:
Arnie Bellini

There’s not much we enjoy more than showing off the incredible, inspiring people that make up our awesome community. This year we’re so proud to announce the winners of our IT Nation Partner Awards.

The IT Nation Community Spirit Award goes to a partner with a stand-out track record and reputation for impactful industry involvement and thought leadership. This year’s winner is Todd McQuilkin of Air IT.

Todd was nominated by more than one person, with everyone complementing his exemplary leadership and positive attitude. According to his peers, “Todd holds a prominent position in the UK MSP industry” and is well-known as someone with great ideas that he’s happy to share. He is always looking for the next innovation, and always sharing his passion for improving things with creative solutions. Thanks to his incredible energy, Todd has turned a start-up technology business into a multi-million business with year-over-year growth.

And his growth mindset doesn’t stop with him. Todd runs mastermind sessions with his leadership team to create an open dialogue where everyone can share their expertise and learn from each other. He’s also an active participant at ConnectWise roadshows and UK user groups, and was a session speaker at IT Nation Europe.

Air IT uses every aspect of the ConnectWise suite, and expands their ecosystem with third-party tools, including BrightGauge, MSPCFO, and DeskDirector. As his nominators have said, “this contributes to the message that ConnectWise is unparalleled as the focus of PSA for managed service providers.”

The IT Nation Innovation Award goes to a partner who has shown the most creativity and results in offering a new and innovative approach related to people, problems, process, or programs. This year, the award goes to Gerard Gibert of Venture Technologies.

Gerard was originally in the running for the Community Spirit award, but his application spoke so strongly to a dedication to innovation that it was an easy choice to name him our IT Nation Innovation award winner. He focuses on practice areas as a foundation for growth, while making sure that people, processes, and persistence come together to propel his company forward.

As an organization, Venture Technologies is focused on three distinct business unites that help Gerard and his team meet the needs of enterprise private and public sector organizations: systems integrator, cloud and managed services provider, and business applications consulting. Gerard leads his team in providing solutions on time and within budget, delivering a variety of custom-architected solutions, and populating his staff with certified experts to keep service quality high.

As a user of ConnectWise Manage, ConnectWise Sell, and ConnectWise Control, all three of Venture Technologies’ business units stay up and running easily, allowing Gerard to achieve an up-time SLA of 99.996%, offer world-class service, and keep customer churn to less than 5%. “We’ve fully automated service revenue recognition and sales commission calculation,” Gerard shares, “to accommodate our unique methodologies. As a cloud services provider, the ability to produce real-time SLA performance against contractual goals is critical to tens of thousands of end-users, as well as staff and prospects.”

Todd and Gerard epitomize the incredible things that our partners bring to the industry, and we couldn’t be more excited to honor them with these exclusive IT Nation awards.