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Leaders Eat Last

Simon Sinek | IT Nation 2013 Keynote SpeakerIT Nation 2013’s keynote speaker Simon Sinek (author of “Start with Why” and “Leaders Eat Last”) challenged you to lead in an edgy new way, one that required you to make employees feel safe at all costs.

Why? Because he believes great customer service starts from within an organization. Employees who don’t treat each other well won’t treat customers well either. And employees who don’t feel safe (read: I may get fired or they are going to make me a part of a reduction in force) are far less likely to perform well or love their work.

It’s a dangerous cycle, one which can only be broken by leaders who choose to start protecting their employees—and putting them first.

Those are great thinking from one of our favorite business thought leaders.  This year, we are doing it just a well and we’ve got a whole new paradigm shift for 2014.

The Road to Reinvention

We’re pleased to announce that IT Nation 2014’s keynote speaker is Josh Linkner, author of “Disciplined Dreaming” and “The Road to Reinvention.”

Josh Linkner | IT Nation 2014 Keynote SpeakerLinkner’s progressive way to move your business forward inspires change, a necessary part of staying relevant.

Change won’t happen unless you make time for it.  Change won’t happen unless you use all bills and that ‘give a penny take a penny jar’ (just checking to see if you are still reading).

Employees can be great catalysts for change, but only if you create the right environment.  That’s why this concept is a perfect sequel to last year’s IT Nation keynote, and one that you can take back and reinvent your business immediately.

To hear Josh Linkner’s advice for keeping your business alive, register for IT Nation today!

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